Grab A Switch For $340 From eBay Tonight

Grab A Switch For $340 From eBay Tonight
Image: Kotaku

I know a few friends (one in particular) who have been holding out for ages until Switch prices come down. Guess what? At 1700 AEDT tonight, it’s your time to shine.

eBay will be running a 15% sitewide sale until midnight, meaning you’ll be able to grab some cracking discounts on a bunch of … well, everything really. But the huge advantage here is it means that Switch bundles under $400 are going to drop to a real nice price.

Case in point: the Gamesmen. The Aussie outlet currently have the Neon Switch console deal for $399, which you can grab for $379.05 with the P5OFF checkout code. But after 1700 AEDT tonight, you’ll be able to use the PYIPPEE checkout code to get 15% off, bringing the price down to $339.15.

The console bundle is a better deal than what you can get through The Gamesmen’s store directly, although some items (like the Wireless Gamecube Controller) are still cheaper direct. We’ll keep an eye out if anything better pops up. Until then, you can see more Black Friday deals below.

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  • Dunno bout you, but I’d be careful to ensure you read the full contents of the listing… you might get disappointed.

    The Owlboy listing: “Condition: Brand New (Console is NOT included)”

  • That sounds like the best deal we are likely to get. Anything else in the pipeline?
    From what I can see most retails selling the switch have already posted their black Friday deals

  • …Aaaaaand they’re sold out. Next best option, from the looks of it, is trying to pick up one preowned through EB’s eBay storefront. It’s not quite as good, but it’s still $355 for a Switch unit.

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