Grab Some New Switch JoyCons For $94

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

You'll normally pay $120 for a new set of JoyCons, so if you need some spares or plan on playing Mario Party soon, here's a neat discount.

This year's Black Friday sales have already begun, and while some of the heavier deals haven't dropped yet there are some bargains out there already. First cab off the rank: Amazon Australia.

If you've been needing some new JoyCons, or you want to get the Neon versions for a good price, they're on sale now for $94. The neon yellow, neon red/blue, grey are all at the aforementioned price, and if you want the Splatoon-themed neon pink and green, you can get those for $99.

Amazon also has the standard console bundles (grey and neon red/blue) available for $398 if you've been holding off on a Switch as a Christmas present. I'd expect to see those prices drop later in the week, however, but it's worth getting the JoyCons while they're available. Stock of discounted controllers always runs out fast. Head here for more info.


    I was about to pre order Civ 6 from Amazon Aus, jumped on this morning and they've jackedh the price $20. Going to wait for Big W price instead now.

    Isn't there also a Mario Party Joy Con bundle coming? That might be cheaper.

    $120 for the controllers normally?! And they're rechargeable so you have to replace them every couple of years too? I'm tempted by the switch for the idea of it but the reality of it is very off putting to me!

      You'll prolly stop playing the switch in a few years before the battery dies.

        I don't think I will. I still play my wii u as well.

        Yeah that's what I'm worried about, consoles to me are an investment, I've still got a fully functional PS2 even!

        I don't want to spend all that cash on a switch if everything is worn out in 2 years!

      Yeah. It's expensive. One thing I did was buy an adapter so I could sync my ps4 controller to my switch. That way, between it and the joy-cons, I have 2 controllers without having to buy an extra one.

      Unfortunately, you definitely you pay a royalty on nintendo gear. However they HAVE had some nice sales on 1st party nintendo titles on their eshop which was a pleasant surprise. They never did that on wii u.

    I’m going to import the us alt green/pink set. As I want both l/r green ones. Anyone want to buy the pink off me?

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