Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Has A 25-Mana Card

Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Has A 25-Mana Card

It’s Blizzcon time yet again. News is starting to drop about the future of all the Blizzard franchises, and the first cab off the rank is Hearthstone with a 25 mana card.

It’d already been announced (courtesy of Blizzard Korea’s YouTube channel) that Rastakhan’s Rumble would be the next expansion for Blizzard’s free-to-play CCG. But what wasn’t known beforehand is that the Troll-themed expansion would feature a 25 mana card.

It’s called Shirvallah the Tiger, an ancient spirit that’s exclusive to Paladins. Because you can’t cast it under normal circumstances, players will have to lower its cost through casting spells to make it more playable. It sounds like the crown jewel of control decks, but for now we’ll have to stick to theorycrafting.

The expansion also introduced a new keyword, Overkill, which allows players to attack up to three times in a single turn if certain conditions are met. There’s some nasty combos too: Sharkfin Fan summons a 1/1 minion every time a second attack triggers. Each class has one legendary Troll champion, as well as a rare 0/3 spirit for more combos and options.

The author travelled to Blizzcon 2018 as a guest of Blizzard.

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