Star Wars Battlefront 2's Battle Of Geonosis Arrives Next Week

Video: Hello there, Battle of Geonosis. The Attack of the Clones finale is being added to Battlefront II on November 28, along with a bunch of customisation options for Obi-Wan, General Grievous and some Clone Troopers.


    Im kind of waiting for this to be added to EA Access, there is always a jump in player numbers when that happens for games.

    The amazing part is that Obi-Wan wasn’t already in a Star Wars game. Gotta cram in all those new characters everyone is indifferent about.

    Last time I tried to pay it on PC, the Aussie server was already dead.

    Yeah, players have gone elsewhere, and too bad 80% of the game was online only and now there isn't a game to be had, as the players have moved one for the whole "games as service" idea too.
    I can't even boot up a game with bots just to check out the new map.
    Also too bad the matches I do get into end up s**t as EA decided to change the game from Battlefield to Overwatch, only with two players dominating as everyone else plays the part of Pawn.

    Now I see EA has put all futuer SW games on hold as BFII didn't sell the millions they desired, and EA has the sole rights to all SW games. So great work Disney on those choices.

    All I want is a nice slow paced single player Star Wars experience to help me explore the galaxy. Something like a Metal Gear: Phantom Pain set in SW universe, or right now I'd love a RDR2 clone playing against the empire.

    Battlefront 2 looks amazing, and the content was great, but too brief. Now like the Movies the public is stuck in limbo as the millionaires argue that everything needs to make over 4 billion dollars or it isn't worth trying.

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