A Quick Look At Destiny 2's Black Armory Update

Briefly: Here’s a first look at some of the new stuff we’ll see in Destiny 2's new update, Black Armory, which starts later this week.

You’ll need the paid Annual Pass to get access to the new activities and raid lair, although anyone who owns Forsaken will be able to find the new weapons.


    Wait so its an "update" but you can't access the content unless you have purchased the annual pass & to a lesser extent collect the guns if you have the latest Expac. Kinda seems a bit rough for the players who didn't go in on the annual pass but purchased the Expacs when they came out.

      Not disagreeing with you but when bungie was leading up to forsaken and D2 year 2, they was pretty clear how the updates would work and that the pass was required.

        Yeah I guess not playing the game and not keeping in the loop, looks a little confusing looking in but some commenters here have certainly clarified what I was missing.

      Two separate things. There is the new season patch, available to everyone. Then next week the first year two DLC hits and its stuff is only available to those who have bought it.

      The annual pass, is merely year two DLC collection, the people who bought the latest Expac only bought access to that content (and all the year one DLC)... why that bad?!

        Isn't bad at all, You just summed up everything in your comment that was left a little opaque in the actual article. (besides having to watch over the videos. I was expecting and actual discussion with the video embedded but what can I say. Thanks for clarifying none the less.

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