Here's The Best Deals From EB Games' Black Friday Sale

Got something you want to add to your pile of shame for half price or more? Good thing Black Friday is just around the corner, then. EB's jumping on the discount train just like everyone else, and here's the best of what they have to offer.

The deals are spread between EB's site, in-store and their eBay page, although some are shared. I'll link to the best prices I can find across the three, but let me know via the comments below if you see something better and I'll make sure the list is updated.

Note that right now most of the deals are focused on PS4 exclusives only, like Detroit and God of War. There are some PC deals available, and I'll update this post throughout the week when more games drop to a decent price.

You can also grab a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus for $63.96, which works out at $5.33/month. Not a bad deal if a few of the free games over the next year turn out to be gems, either. Let me know if you see anything worthwhile that I missed, and I'll add it to the list!


    Bunch of trash there.
    L.A noire for $28 is the best of the lot

    The only problem with EB games is they suck at every facet of e commerce. Oh you want this, yeah sure, lets put that through for you only to get an email saying its out of stock. Not to mention the site crashing, you're better off not even trying.

      I wouldn’t support them anyway, thy are a shitty business. Ridiculous prices, including pre owned games, treat their staff like garbage.
      Nino Kuni pre owned is $78 dollars for instance.
      They prey on clueless parents to rip off.

      You could have stopped at facet.

    Check out Big W, even better prices

    EB Xmas sale is a joke, they don't have most of the best deal brand new games in stock. They will however offer to sell you the preowned versions for 2.5x the price though.

    Plus everything is so more expensive than everyone else...

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