Here's The Latest Trailer For James Cameron's Alita: Battle Angel

Want to see a movie about a battle cyborg? Welcome to Alita.

Due out locally February 14, 2019, Alita is a story about an android with supposedly unique fighting abilities. The main drawcard for me here is the cracking VFX, a ton of which are visible in the almost-three minute trailer.

Fingers crossed that WETA Workshop are responsible for all the cyborg gear. Their behind the scenes stuff is always the best.


    I'm really excited to see this and can't put my finger on why. Looks like a visual rollercoaster with some feels.

    I'm still cautiously optimistic. I've been getting a better feeling from the trailers than I did with Ghost in the Shell. It's interesting to see Motorball in there as it means they're condensing a lot of plot into the movie. (Gunnm, the anime, only covers the Hugo arc) Either that or they're taking a few liberties with the story.

    mega fan of the manga.
    Lost alot of hope when i heard cameraon was no longer directing but i am really cautiously optimistic now after watching this new trailer...

    dont fuck it up guys!

    It's not James Cameron, it's Robert Rodriguez. VERY different.

      Yeah true. Cameron wrote the screenplay so I guess that's why they say his but it's usually the director who makes or breaks a movie.

    The dialogue is thoroughly cringeworthy, but I am willing to grit my teeth through that for the special effects.

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