Here's What Fallout 76's Real-Money Store Looks Like So Far

Screenshot: Kotaku, Fallout 76

Bethesda’s open world MMO Fallout 76 is currently in beta on console and PC for those who pre-ordered the game. While you can’t spend actual money to purchase its in-game currency, called Atoms, players can now use the currency they’ve already collected from doing various in-game tasks to buy stuff from the shop’s initial offering.

Eventually, players will be able to spend real money to buy Atoms. The biggest concern most people have when a multiplayer game features microtransactions is that the players who can spend more will be able to get a leg up on the competition. At PAX Australia over the weekend, Bethesda’s Pete Hines told GameSpot that won’t be the case in Fallout 76.

“Folks that want to spend money on whatever the hell it is because they don’t have enough Atoms, they can,” he told the outlet. “[B]ut it’s not, ‘I’m now better playing against other players because I spent money.’ It’s not pay-to-win. And it’s not loot crates.”

While pricing for Atoms hasn’t officially been revealed yet, Gamesradar spotted listings for the digital currency on GameStop’s Ireland website, with pricing starting at €5 (likely to be $US5 ($7) in the US, as shown on Newegg’s pre-order page) for 500 Atoms.

From there, you can get more Atoms per dollar for buying in bulk (up to 5,000 for €40). And what will that cash get you? Based on what’s currently on offer in the Atom shop, not much.

Currently, the most expensive item is a “Nuka Cola Stash” for 700 Atoms, or approximately $US7 ($10). At C.A.M.P. sites in the game, players can construct stash boxes to house their extra items and crafting materials.

The Nuka Cola Stash is basically just a new skin for that original stash box, and a pricey one at that. It doesn’t change how much the box can store, only its appearance.

Other things you can currently buy in the shop include new emotes for telling other players you’re hungry or thirsty, as well as visual flourishes to add to your custom-created characters, such as stitch marks. Bethesda is even selling specialised frames for the game’s photo mode.

Me (left) and my beautiful, hard-earned succulents (right).

Again, you don’t necessarily have to spend real-world money to get this currency. The game awards you Atoms just for completing certain in-game activities, like crafting a gun for the first time or discovering a particular location. After about six hours of playing I had close to 500, and I decided to spend them on some succulents to see how the system worked.

Like the other items in the shop, the decorative plants don’t bestow any material benefits in terms of gameplay. They just let me make my campsite a bit prettier. About 200 Atoms worth of prettier.

Bethesda has said that Fallout 76’s updates will all be free, rather than paid DLC, so the Atom store will be the game’s main lifeblood post-launch. Whether the final lineup of items for sale there will feel worth the price to the average person, or only end up catering to die hard players who want the best-looking post-apocalyptic homes, remains to be seen.

The game launches for real in a fortnight on November 14.


    I'm OK with this long as there's still a reasonable way to get a steady stream of Atoms once all those seemingly once-off "craft X, explore Y" tasks are done.

    I refuse to dump extra money into a game I already paid a AAA price for... even if my preorder did cost about $7 after throwing a JB voucher at it...

    Lol... This game is going to be so bad.

    Check out SkillUp's impressions video.

      Just went and checked it out....the guy seems overly negative to me. I mean has he played Fallout 4? This game is just multiplayer Fallout 4 with some small changes.

      The FPS stuff is the only real gripe I'd agree with there but even then they might make steps to fix that in the day 1 patch. In terms of the control scheme etc...yeah it's the same as Fallout 4.

        "Small changes" including the removal of all characters and a meaningful story.

        SkillUp isn't typically a negative reviewer.

        Watch some of his other stuff. One of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful and thorough reviewers out there.

        The FPS stuff is a particularly funny oversight, seeing as every person who has ever played Skyrim or Fallout on a 60+hz monitor knows game speed has always been tied to FPS with this engine.

          I dont even think Gopher is even intreseted in 76, thats how you know something is definately wrong

          I had a chance to play the Fallout 76 beta yesterday. My computer is a hell of a lot worse than his and I had no FPS problems at all. It was nice and stable, ran smoothly. In terms of fps tied to game speed Bethesda already responded about that somewhere (I remember reading about it on Friday, on here?) and they're going to fix it or at least lock it by the sounds of it.

          The game is pretty fun, I'll probably buy it.

      Of course it is. We wanted a Skyrim with coop...they gave us elder scrolls Online. No thanks.
      We want fallout coop...we get fallout rust...

    Lol...I think I will make up my own mind.
    Played a bit of the beta, pretty much what I have spent most of my time in fallout 4 own thing. The story was there, but I spent far more time building settlements, armour, weapons and wandering about (with some mods). Suits me and my Fallout for now. Shooting is still a bit off, but not as terrible as some COD twitchy players are making out. It won't make it to being a razor sharp esport, but it works just fine for exploring and bagging bad guys.

    I think it is a case of don't like, don't buy.

    Im fine with this sort of thing as long as its cosmetics and things to make your character more unique, and if you can get the Atoms in game that is fine.

    As soon as it adds ammo clip expansion or anything that relates to actual gameplay and I'm like noooope!

    That said this is the first Fallout that I haven't been interested in. Once the game releases I might take a look at it when its in a cheap sale, but otherwise its a bit of a pass for me, as has been pretty much all games that contain micro transactions.

    I'm a little surprised some of you didn't already know there would be a RMT store for this game, it was talked about at least as early as June. The currency is earnable through in-game activities and it only buys cosmetics, which I think is a fair trade-off for the fact they said all the DLC for the game would be free. As long as it doesn't sink to GTAO levels of necessity, it's fine with me.

      That's fair enough.

      I think I've just adopted a "guilty until proven innocent" mindset when dealing with microtransactions.

      Bigger concern is quality of the game itself.
      Guess we'll see soon enough.

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