Hey Diablo Fans, Lost Ark Is Out (In Korea)

Hey Diablo Fans, Lost Ark Is Out (In Korea)

Remember years ago, when a Korean company started showing off a Diablo-esque game using Unreal Engine 4?

Well, the beta is out today. Only in Korea, sadly, but hot damn has it arrived at a good time.

Developed by Smilegate, makers of Crossfire, the game launched an open beta today. We’re no closer to a Western release, but fans are working on an English translation for the open beta, and streamers have been playing the game through Twitch.

Lost Ark Online is an MMORPG rather than a straight singleplayer ARPG, which explains why characters have several abilities that can all pop off at once. One of them, the blaster, has a railgun.

And a guitar.

It’s hard not to look at this without thinking about Diablo and what a future Diablo might look like, or at least what future Diablo fans would want. It’s definitely PC focused. There’s huge effects and spells, lots of big hits, plenty of blood splatters and rib cages strewn throughout.

Hard not to get a little intrigued. There’s even a few TV commercials:

Lost Ark plans to have six base classes and 18 subclasses at launch. If you want to play now for free, you can, but you’ll need a VPN to do so. (You can’t even access the official website without a VPN.)

Here’s some advice from the official subreddit if you want to give the beta a whirl.


  • I guess it depends if the Korean studios think their game is suited as is for western audiences. I hope they can capitalise on Blizzard’s misstep and have an ENG version out sooner rather than later. Whilst I am very hyped for this game a lot of it is missing components that made D2/D3 the joys that they are, nevertheless, I will still purchase it if available assuming post-reviews look good.

  • Holy crap, the first video starts showing off basic Diablo-style ARPG brawling, but it keeps adding features and doesn’t stop… farming, mining, base-building, raids, minigames (including a bomber-man minigame?!), card games, ocean-navigation, etc, etc, etc? Bloody hell, no wonder it’s taken so long, they’re smooshing every single game that exists into one.

    • Sounds terrific! Oh wait…

      “Will the game be free-to-play?
      Yes, it seems like the game will be playable for free in korea with cash shop.

      What will the cash shop contain?
      Various convenience items, faster crafts, revival feathers, character customization, skins, mounts/pets, other decorations, extra dungeon entries.”

      Sounds a lot like what I’m (as of a few days ago) expecting from Diablo 4…


  • most likely going be grindy as all hell (and not in a good way) and probably going to filled to the brim with mircotransactions as well

  • Given is a korean MMO. It will be chock full of microtransactions and you’ll have to spend weeks to get anything done.

    • Yeah, “convenience item” on the cash shop means you need it if you want to spend less than 1 month to complete a simple task.

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