How To Get Power Armour Quickly In Fallout 76

What would a Fallout game be without Power Armour? A total bummer. Thankfully, there’s a ton of Power Armour lying about in Fallout 76. Here’s one of the quickest ways you can grab some for yourself.

We recommend going to a warehouse on the outskirts of Morgantown and walk you through it in the video atop this post.

A word of warning: the power armour won’t always be there. As an online game, everything in Fallout 76’s world is up for grabs to the players in it. Someone might go to warehouse before you and grab it. Don’t worry. It will continually spawn in the world at regular intervals.

Power Armour can randomly pop up at various locations in the game, but the one we’re showing is a reliable spot.

You can grab the armour at any time, though you might not be able to wear all of it it when you get it. Individual pieces of Power Armour require you to be at a certain level to equip them. If nothing else, the Power Armour chassis can be used at any point.

It’s more than just for show too, giving players inside it a massive boost to their strength stat as well as added defence. It also saves you from from fall damage, which, given Fallout 76’s often wonky physics, is a nice thing to have.

Every player can bind themselves to one Power Armour chassis at a time, so even if you remove it for a bit and walk away it’ll eventually automatically reappear in your inventory. You don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it.

The armour is good for combat, but running around in a hulking mechanical suit is just a lot of fun. 


    "quickest" and "power armour" shouldn't be in the same sentence for a Fallout game. As great as it functioned in Fallout 4, the biggest failure of that game was giving you power armour before the tutorial was finished.

    The second biggest failure was covering the entire map in dozens of power armour suits.

      the biggest failure of that game was giving you power armour before the tutorial was finished.
      This 100%. First time I played, and every time since, I have only used it to take out that Deathclaw then abandoned it. Power Armour has always felt like end game stuff. Who wants that too early?

        I honestly didn't mind it.

        In previous fallout games, power armour was the ultimate armour.

        In Fallout 4 however, it's a lot like a rusted lemon car. It's better than nothing, sure, but it drinks fuel like there's no tomorrow and requires maintenance everytime you bump your knee into a coffee table.

        In the end, it forced me to either constantly be on the lookout for fusion cores, steel and circuitry, OR to leave it at home and only use it if I needed to fight my way through a fortress of coffee tables.

          By the time I was finished with the game I had 60 Fusion cores and 20 Power Armour suits. I wasn't even looking for them.

            Yo what system do you play on.

          Also my feeling in Fallout 4. I found power armour kind of cumbersome and a pain to maintain. But I love how Fallout 4 made it into a shell that you step inside. It felt cool and looked neat. Even though I rarely used power armour, I still mainted a power armour museum with every set in the world on display each in a separate case.

      Fallout 76 uses the Fallout 4 model of power armour. What keeps it from being imbalanced is it's hard to repair and requires fusion power which is heavy.

      I have literally built a garage attached to the workshop house in Sanctuary to store all my power armours. Gets a bit ridiculous how easy they are to find

      FO4 "tutorial" finishes the moment you escape the vault. You gain the power armor in Concord well after this, or elsewhere in your travels. You're always in control as to when you get the power armor. Role Play Minute Men quest, heck the game, without the power armor if the game play balance isn't right for you. Feeling too OP... bump the difficulty, turn on survival mode, do a drunk run through (either you or the toon).

      Personally, I was like f**k yeah when I leap across the nearby Church to grab that bad boy. IMO Power Armor in FO3 comes too late in the game and in Vega's it seemed "forced" to me.

        My most recent survival mode playthrough was a no-power armour run. Ended up with the marine armour by the end, great set.

    Got some a couple of hours ago at lvl 10. Adamstown or something? Near the airport. Now just need to find some more power cells or whatever they are called and some pieces or armour so its not just the bare frame.

      Check the roof or basement of large buildings. They normally have fusion reactors with cores you can take assuming someone hasn't beaten you to them.

        Thanks for that. Will keep it in mind.

          Plus the power armours respawn so go back in a couple of hours and you can loot another suit or the core

    Dole out, not "doll out". Please and thank you.

    Someone left a power frame at the church in the first town (the Responders place). So i nabbed it... no fusion core though... :)

    Its not that bad in 76 ad the power armor pieces are leveled so yes you can use the frame for some bonus strength at low levels as long as you have the cores but until you fine the appropriate pieces you lack the armor your also better off with pocked gear when it comes to carry weight.

    Power armory is a high cost playstyle instead of an optimal armor(FO3) that limits the uniqueness of roleplay style because of the stats(only exception being stealth).

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