It Takes Lots Of People To Remake Resident Evil 2

Screenshot: Capcom

While the 2019 Resident Evil 2 game is a remake of the 1998 release, lots and lots of people are needed to make the game happen. Wonder how many? At least 800!

That’s according to a recent NHK special on Capcom, as pointed out by Alex Aniel:

Aniel adds that around 600 people worked on Resident Evil 6. So don’t think of the upcoming RE2 of a mere remake.

It’s much bigger than that!


    This is the only game on my ‘must buy day one’ list. Looks utterly fantastic

      I remember how blown away I was by REmake so I'm very excited about this too.

    Ordered a new graphics card and found out that I'm getting a free copy of this thrown in!
    Best deal sweetener ever.

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