Japan Is Building A Massive, Life-Sized Gundam Statue That Moves

Screenshot: BandaiChannel

Over the past few years, several life-sized Gundam statues have gone up in Japan. Either they didn’t move at all or didn’t move that much.

During a recent press conference, a fourth anniversary Gundam project was announced. At Gundam Factory Yokohama, an 18-meter “moving” Gundam statue will be erected in summer 2020. Above is the image that was shown at the press conference.

From the sound of it, this next one-to-one scale Gundam will be different from previous limited moving Gundam statues. From the looks of that image, it will stomp? Walk? Lift its leg up? Something.

Though, don’t expect a full-scale Gundam with a range of movements, able to strut about and blow shit up.

The latest life-size Gundam, a Unicorn RX-0, went up in 2017. Parts of the mecha’s helmet moves, and it has light up effects.


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