Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Gets Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One

Briefly: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is finally backwards compatible on Xbox One. The program has been steadily growing every month, but this 2012 fantasy RPG is a particularly nice addition, especially since a remaster doesn’t seem to be in the cards at this point.

A little generic perhaps, but charming and fun nonetheless. You can read Mikey's review from 2012 below, as well as a brief video introduction to the world of Amalur.

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning: The Kotaku Review

The lead designer of The Elder Scrolls III and IV, a New York Times bestselling fantasy author, and one of comics' most notable creators walk into a development studio to create an action role-playing game based on an entirely original fantasy world. Stop me if you've heard this one.

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    I've always thought KoA somewhat of a hidden gem personally. Whilst it didn't push the genre, its execution was pretty gosh darn excellent.

      While the depth of each aspect wasn't mind-blowingly impressive, what was impressive was the breadth and the freedom.

      Crafting, reputations/factions, combat builds, crime/justice, quest-lines, zones/exploration... it was essentially like a more vibrant and polished 'Skyrim Lite', like Skyrim meets Fable, and I am genuinely surprised to this day that it didn't review and sell as well as it deserved to.

        Fable's decline still upsets me to this day. Why can't they just pick up where Fable 2 left off, there's still magic in that franchise. Biggest mistake was pushing the timeline forward instead of keeping it in the Fable 1 era.

        Kingdoms of Amalur was a nice return to that style of game, it definitely had some pacing issues, I plowed through the last third desperate to get to the credits, but it was cool nonetheless.

          Oh yeah, they were clearly trying out some of the techniques they were planning on using in their next title, the MMO. That fucked up the pacing a reasonable amount.

    I've always wanted to try this game out, I was put off by hearing it was a tad boring and hundreds of hours long. But I personally love it's Fable-esque aesthetic.

    I might pick up a pre-owned copy from EB Games to play on the X1! Or is the PC version a better way to play it?

      I'd go with PC. Base quality is higher, and can be enhanced with some of the community texture/shader mods. Not many easy to find gameplay mods available, but using a trainer should allow you to bypass some of the annoyances like bag space.

        Thank you! I'll wait to see if goes on sale on Steam then.

          I'm not sure if it got taken off Steam, but I feel like you may have better luck with Origin - if you don't object to Origin, that is.

            Origin is a dirty word. Looks like the game and all of it's DLC is still on Steam though.

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