League Of Legends Made A K-Pop Video

League Of Legends Made A K-Pop Video

And it’s … good?

Just because they can, Riot Games has taken four of League of Legends’ champions and put them in a K-Pop band. Then made a very expensive music video for them.

I think it’s an ad for new skins? Whatever it is, if every other major video game/series could follow suit and make their own pop videos, that’d be great, thanks.

Yakuza, you’re halfway there already, you go first.


  • There were two things I learned from this. First was that I can no longer tell the difference between K-Pop and American pop. Secondly, we need more games about bands that go on adventures, fight evil, whatever.

  • they played it at World finals and since they make new theme music every year I guess it’s somewhat fitting to create a KPop track this year as well when they are in South Korea

  • The music is above average for the genre and the visuals are stellar! Top quality and really distinct and creative (the “singing mask” bit was awesome).

  • Ugh this just plays to the male fantasy of sexualising strong female characters. Why would you promote this offshoot of toxic masculinity?

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