Let’s Go Are The Prettiest Pokémon Games Yet

Let’s Go Are The Prettiest Pokémon Games Yet

The story is familiar and the players are the same, but the scenery has never looked so good. Gorgeous visuals abound in our latest trip through the Kanto region, making Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee the prettiest pocket monster games yet. Take a look!

Before we begin our tour of the sights of the Switch version of the Kanto reason, let me drop a spoiler warning. While these games are based on classics more than 20 years old, the visuals are brand new. Some of you might want to experience them for yourselves first. I get that.

It’s clear from our character’s first steps towards becoming a Pokémon master that our eyes are in for a treat. That first fateful meeting between our hero and his or her Eevee is a beautiful moment.

Image The camera angles in the game are spectacular.

One might ask, “But Fahey, what if I chose the Pikachu version of the game? What’s that like?” Sorry, we’re an Eevee household. Gita and I pawned off the Pikachu version on Tim Rogers. We felt bad for a moment. Then our Eevee popped out of its Pokéball and we briefly forgot Tim existed.


Just look at that beautiful furry boy, ready to dedicate his life to being my protector and companion. You know what he deserves?

Image Yeah, we’re going to just leave the open ball on the floor.

He deserves a hat. And a shirt.

Image Again, those camera angles.

Don’t worry, this gallery isn’t all about Jinx. Oh, I named my Eevee Jinx, after my cat. Note the resemblance.


OK, they look completely different, but they are both super cute.

Image You heard the game’s caption, play with Jinx!

OK, the Eevee stuff is getting out of hand. There’s being in love, and then there’s coming dangerously close to recreating a scene from Titantic aboard the S.S. Anne.

Image My heart will go on, Eevee.

Having been laid out in the hospital from March through July of this year, I first learned about Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee through a post-Memorial Day visit from our EIC, Stephen Totilo. He flew from New York to Atlanta to see how I was doing and help me get caught up on gaming news. He showed me the trailer for these games, and I was instantly smitten. What iconic moments would I like to see recreated in this new game engine?

Why, one of the games’ saddest moments, of course.

Image Cubone and I suppose the source of the skull he wears, reunited. I cried. Again.

Oh, and dramatic meetings with one of the games’ most sinister enemies.

Image Turtleneck and suit jacket, you know he’s evil.

Chance encounters that seemed so small in the original games take on new life here. Like a random meeting with Lorelei of the Elite Four during our trainer’s journey.

Image Ice to meet you, Lorelei.

But Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee don’t need drama to be pretty. It’s lush and vibrant whether you’re just strolling about town …

Image Or flying about town.

… or trying to work your way around a dead end.

Image Dammit, Snorlax.

Some of my favourite visuals, however, come from the game’s various gyms. The developers went to town on the original designs, transforming the old arenas into vibrant spaces full of character.

Image The Fire Gym is so bright and shiny.

The most beautiful of the gyms is definitely the one in Celedon City, home of grass type gym leader Erika. It’s just so lush and green.

Image This would be my wallpaper if the resolution were higher and my character didn’t look like he was creeping.

But in terms of sheer design, nothing beats the Tron-like psychic gym in Saffron City. It’s a trip.


Really the whole game is a trip. It’s a fabulous journey, and while some of us have taken it multiple times over the past two decades, we’ve never witnessed it quite like this.

Image This would have been much more dramatic if I weren’t packing two water types.

And so Eevee and I leave you to your adventure as we continue on our own, to the Elite Four and whatever lies beyond. With our police outfits and his tasteful bow tie, we’re ready to take on whatever this damn pretty Pokémon game has to offer.



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