Logitech's Super Light Wireless Mouse Just Got A Huge Discount

When I tested the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse earlier this year, it was - hands down - the lightest and one of the best mice I'd ever used. The only problem was the price, but as of today that has come way down.

The G Pro Wireless, which uses Logitech's new HERO sensor, was priced at a staggering $249.95 at launch. That's an absurd price, which absolutely nobody should pay. But now that JB Hi-Fi have brought the cost of the G Pro down to $174.30 - it's still high, but not super high compared to other gaming-grade wireless mice - it's actually at a point where people should legitimately consider pulling the trigger.

No word of a lie: I brought this mouse to work with me every day for a month after reviewing it, unplugging it and then shipping it back home for sessions of Overwatch and whatever else I was playing at the time.

It's a real solid mouse, and you can bring the weight down to 77-78g if you take the bottom cover out, which is ridiculous for a mouse that doesn't have cable drag. For added comparison, Australian Quake player and YouTube reviewer has a comparison of the G Pro Wireless versus other Logitech offerings, the Ultralight Phantom and a few others.


    Crikey! That price! Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. That's premium keyboard dollars there. I'm sure it's a nice mouse but that's way too much for me.

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