New Parasite Eve Trademark Filed In Europe By Square Enix

Alien isn’t the only franchise that might be getting a new game. It appears Square Enix has plans for Parasite Eve, with a fresh trademark application for the property popping up in Europe late last week.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”,w_768,q_90/h40yvf1wxnoxnunoeef6.jpg” title=”A Look Back At Parasite Eve’s Great Dialogue” excerpt=”I love weird games, ones full of FMV cutscenes, mix-and-matched RPG battle systems, and nonsensical sci-fi plots. Parasite Eve has given me all of those things, along with something unexpected: Great dialog.”]

Sadly, there’s not much meat to the application, so it’s hard to say precisely what Square Enix has in store.

We do however know it’s a game (and not, say, a movie or gourmet pizza restaurant), thanks to the “List of goods and services” section:

Computer game software; video game software; sound recordings in the form of optical discs, magnetic discs, semiconductor ROMs featuring music and/or fictional stories … Providing amusement facilities; amusement arcades; providing on-line computer games; providing on-line video games; providing information on computer game strategies and/or video game strategies via computer networks and/or global communication networks.

That’s just a snippet; the section covers everything from ringtones to “straps for cellular phones”. TIL.

Arriving a few years after the seminal Resident Evil, Parasite Eve combined survival horror elements with turn-based combat. It was also very weird, the sort of weird you want to share ice cream with out of sheer curiosity, because you can’t figure out which of its 13 orifices it eats with.

While the franchise didn’t enjoy quite the same popularity as Capcom’s juggernaut, it proved good enough to warrant two sequels: Parasite Eve II and The 3rd Birthday (pictured above).

Hopefully we can add a fourth title to that list.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”,w_768,q_90/tqzwlwirnkyid1qukdbg.jpg” title=”Parasite Eve Had More In Common With Final Fantasy Than Horror Games” excerpt=”Square wasn’t pulling punches when it developed Parasite Eve. In the opening scene, the main character, Aya Brea, attends an opera where the entire audience spontaneously combusts. But what makes Parasite Eve so unique is that it shares more in common with Final Fantasy than it does other horror games.”]

PARASITE EVE [EUIPO, via Bloody Disgusting]

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