No Man's Sky To Roll Out Thanksgiving Update With New Biomes And Bizarre Creatures

Screenshot: No Man’s Sky, Hello Games

Count your blessings, interlopers. No Man’s Sky is getting a surprise update, called Visions, for Thanksgiving.

This update doesn’t appear to be quite as hefty as previous ones, but it’s still introducing new biomes, outer space creatures, and more community events. The update will launch tomorrow.

“We really do listen and respond to the voices of our most passionate players,” No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games said in a press release today, adding that they’d sent out a survey to players last month to ask where to guide the game. “Visions and The Abyss have already addressed two of the top key areas, improving so many aspects of underwater and planetary exploration.”

I’m excited to see all the new things that Hello Games is giving players to discover - after I wake up from a post-Thanksgiving nap, that is.


    Wow they're moving fast now. They've just barely launched Abyss and now this is coming. Looks fantastic, can't wait.

    I fire this up about once a month and I gotta say, I'm no longer disappointed. Not GOTY by any stretch, but it certainly scratches an itch.

    This looks great. But on the flip side, its going to screw with peoples games. This is one of those updates that's going to be changing planetary math, so the procedural gen on it is going to make things interesting.

      Yeah, like others I fire it up every now and then.
      But I can't stand to play it without a ton of mods and this looks like a mod breaking update for sure.

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