Obsidian Will Announce A New RPG At The Game Awards

The studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny will announce a new RPG next week at the Game Awards.

The new RPG, as noted by Jason, is being put together with the help of creators from the original Fallout isometric RPGs, Leonard Boyarsk and Tim Cain.

A teaser pops up on the Obsidian website then reveals a fictitious, post-apocalyptic-esque pistol from a company called "Spacer's Choice". It looks like the kind of gun you might find in Fallout or the Wasteland games, and there's a bit of Wild West in framing and etching on the sides.

Another other fictional company pops up if you refresh the site, showing off an ointment, cream and bread from a fake company called Auntie Cleo's:

The Obsidian RPG will be one of 10 new games to be unveiled at The Game Awards next week. We'll keep you posted with everything that comes out.


    Excited for something a little different from the ton of crpgs from them.

      Excited either way, to be honest.

      Obsidian makes, I buy.

      Flushed with new Microsoft cash, this could be something epic.

        Yep, this. It might be amazing. It might be shit. It might be amazing and shit.

        Can’t wait.

    Oh man, this could be good!

    I'm hoping they stay away from the same kind of retro post apocalyptic theme. It's looking retro, but I'd much rather they went with a jetsons/house of tomorrow style futurism. Or a space Western.

    This is the perfect chance for them to leapfrog Bethesda.

    I'm guessing might be a steampunk in space setting (Space 1889 anyone?) or maybe they've licenced the old Flash Gordon RPGs from TSR back in the day.


    Holy shit. If this is a 50s retro-future western set on Mars, I will be stoked. If it's an open world shooter with RPG elements, I will be DOUBLE STOKED. New Vegas. On Mars. In the 50s future. With all the broken shit fixed. And Microsoft money behind it. On PC.

    Help me, I can't.

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