Community Review: Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu

Community Review: Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee & Pikachu

For those who have been busy battling the Elite Four over the weekend, how’s the journey been?

I’ve been looking forward to a portable Pokemon for a while, particularly as more and more bigger Switch games lean towards online-only play, or require some kind of consistent online authentication.

Pokemon, fortunately, doesn’t have that issue. So it’s great for taking little Psyduck here on a journey.

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Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee are going to be divisive. The games seem meant to introduce a new generation of players to Pokémon, especially players who started with Pokémon Go. The changes made to gameplay may frustrate longtime fans, including me; I started playing in the late ‘90s and kept up with the franchise since. But I can’t bring myself to dislike Let’s Go! Eevee. Despite the changes and the modern Pokémon Go-influenced touches, the magic of Pokémon persists in Let’s Go, just by virtue of it being Pokémon.

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What I’d love to see is how long-time Pokemon fans have digested some of the changes, particularly with candy farming, the Pokemon Go-esque catching method, and the general difficulty.

Would you recommend Let’s Go to fans of the originals, the more recent 3DS games, or Pokemon fans generally?


  • Been playing it with my partner over the weekend.
    We have really enjoyed the new catching method, which we did not think we would. The combat is mostly the same but still enjoyable.

    The game overall is quite easy, especially when playing two player. But it is fun and and has some nice quality of life improvements. It does feel like Pokemon ‘Light’ but is worth a go if you have enjoyed the last few Pokemon games.

  • A nicely done version of yellow completely ruined by the Go-ificiation of the game.

    Whilst I’ve never been a fan of some of the latter Pokemon games mechanics, this casualised POS is terrible, and all because of the bloody mechanics.

    One shotting every trainer you see, and the whole overworld as a shitty version of the Safari zone is enough to make 10 year old me puke.

  • Loving going through it with my 6 year old son as he’s intro to Pokemon. We are co oping the whole game together. Teaching him types etc. He might even give Pokemon 2019 a go.

  • Really enjoying it so far, great mix of traditional Pokemon and Pokemon Go.
    It has been fairly easy though, and I can see the game isn’t aimed at someone my age.
    Both of my kids (girls, aged 6 and 8) played all weekend taking it in turns, they’ve really enjoyed and loving that they don’t have to battle pokemon to catch them.

    • In the originals, the difficulty of the gym leaders really came down to the level and/or typing of your Pokemon vs theirs. This is the same here, if you go into a gym underlevelled with a type matchup in their favour, you’re likely to lose.

      But, there are these kind of goals you have to meet before being able to challenge the gym leaders, for example: for Brock’s gym, you need to have a grass type Pokemon before they will let you inside (you DO NOT have to use said Pokemon), and for Sabrina’s gym they ask you to show them a Pokemon of at least level 45 (again, you do not have to use it) but the highest Pokemon level in that gym is level that’s a bit of a hand hold there.

      I think a lot of the “it’s too easy” is that when you’re playing a game which is based on one you already know the script to, you already know the Pokemon you need in certain areas and what level they should be. set yourself up for it to be easy. You can always play a Nuzlocke or something if you wanna up the difficulty.

    • As in, knocking out each Pokemon with a single attack, or just beating each gym leader on the first go? If it’s the latter then Gen 1 was always this easy. The only reason anyone would have cause to think otherwise is because of starter selection variation. If it’s the former then I’d say people are over-leveling as I’ve not found this to be the case and I’m no newcomer to the series. I will qualify that by saying I’ve only fought Brock so far but my Pikachu was a few levels higher than his Onyx (got caught up chaining Oddish) and it still took multiple Double Kick attacks to bring it down.

    • Brock was super easy, but that’s because I used grass type and was over levelled.

      Misty kicked my arse and I have to go level my pokemon some more.

    • It is easy, especially if you rely on your starter. Once you get to Cerulean you can teach Eevee a fire, water and electric attack that all have 80+ power. Really breaks the game open.

      However, if you keep switching your Pokemon for the ones you just catch, it can be a little more difficult. You could always one shot everything in any Pokemon game if you grind and overlevel.

      I’ve been playing this with my daughter and it is a lot of fun, a beautiful, lovingly crafted game. Catching mechanics are fun, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Everything else is an excellent, albeit seemingly easier entry level Pokemon game that will tide me over nicely until the real Switch Pokemon game next year.

    • I’d agree with what tehnoodnub said, if you didn’t find the original Yellow ‘way too easy’ you should still find this fun. I just beat Surge last night and while it was in one attempt, his thunderbolt spam did give me some trouble.

      It’s obviously not the most challenging game ever but the original Yellow wasn’t either.

  • I have been really enjoying my journey through Kanto again. Definitely aimed for younger audiences, but I feel like it has charmed me too.

    I was afraid of the Pokemon Go-esque catching mechanics when I first started, but after doing it for a while I actually really like it. I like the weight that catch combo’s carry (increased chance of shinies, candies, exp and IV’s).

    I like the removal of random encounters, being able to freely run from A to B without encountering a single Pokemon (while achieveable with repels in the original titles) is a great relief, and being able to target the Pokemon I encounter is also a nice touch.

    The main let down I have noticed with this version though is the performance, framerate-wise, handheld mode is really not good. I have noticed a lot of performance issues with later generation Pokemon games but I had hoped being on the Switch it would be different. Docked is definitely the way to play this game.

    I would really recommend this game if you enjoyed the originals and would like a nice easy stroll down nostalgia lane, with some extra goodies spread in.

  • I am enjoying Let’s Go immensely. I’m still eagerly awaiting Gen 8 and seeing what they’ve done with these games has really raised my hopes after I was less than enamoured with Gen 7. However, these games are really good and whilst I know that many people are put off by the lack of wild Pokemon battles and catching mechanics, if you can find your way to just enjoying Let’s Go for what it is and don’t judge it for what it isn’t, then you’re in for a rollicking good time. Also, I strongly believe that they could change the series for the better if they remove random encounters from all games in the future. Being able to see each Pokemon in the overworld and choosing which ones and when to engage is such an improvement IMO.

  • I’m really enjoying it. The catching mechanic still annoys the crap out of me (even as a PoGo player, give me touch controls anyday over dodgy motion controls) but everything else is great.

    I think the thing I like most though is finally having an official game that embraces (even just a part of) the Pokemon Adventures manga with the Let’s Go versions of Red, Blue and of course finally introducing Green.

  • The only enjoyable part for me so far was when I played it multiplayer. Otherwise it’s been lacking in any substance, it’s just a repetitive catching game with very little else in between. Pokemon has become far too easy and the hand holding is real.

    I bought it so I’ll finish it though.

  • I’m about half way through.
    I’m liking bits of it… I miss wild battles. I’m underlevelled because I need to catch more pokemon in the wild (even though I don’t need or want them) just to have more experience points.
    Love the following pokemon, art style, outfit options (didn’t think they would let us have a Team Rocket outfit), new take on the amino/petting.
    Unfortunately though I’m just not really enjoying the game. I miss abilities, hold items, so far the story is the same as yellow. It all feels really dumber down :/
    I would like to see this like one of the main series games. Still weaken your pokemon before catching but maybe add the new throwing style to make it more engaging?

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