Buying Plushies Of The Original 151 Pokémon Is Expensive

Screenshot: sekai1215

Earlier this year, Kotaku reported that a bunch of plush toys based on the first gen Pokémon plushies were going on sale in Japan. Twitter user Sekai bought all of them.

The total cost? Roughly 180,000 yen or $2194.

That, it seems, does include sales tax.

Here are more shots of Sekai’s collection:


    to be fair it works about to be about 15 dollars per plushie which really isn't that costly

      Import it into Australia, ends up about $50 because of fuck you tax. =P

        prob have to add more dollars for postage, handling and parcel tracking

        I have no trust in Aus post =p

          Signature on arrival...


    [Leave a blazing trail all the way to Japan.]

    Now why would someone want 151 Pokemon plushies for 180,000 yen or $2194 including sales tax?
    I think that's ridiculous purchasing all 151 Pokemon at a very expensive price for under $2200.

    $15 a plushie is pretty good
    Here they tend to skew at around $25 a pop wich is ridiculous

    Id buy that whole collection at that price, youd save so much and plus having all 151 original pokemon has more sort of satisfaction than just having your favourites (like i have every original eeveelution, its nor nearly as meaningful as the whole set of first gen pokemon)

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