Razer Phone 2: Australian Release And Price

Razer Phone 2: Australian Release And Price
Image: Alex Walker/Kotaku

After a short delay, Razer’s sequel to their inaugural gamer phone is finally available for purchase in Australia.

Listings and pricing for the phone has appeared on the official Razer Store, where you can buy an unlocked version of the Razer Phone 2 for $1249.

Dick Smith is also selling the phone for $1249, although they note that the phone won't ship until December 4th. The Razer Store doesn't have any official shipping date listed.

The Razer Phone 2 is also available on a plan through an Optus, the options for which you can see below:

Here's the full list of specs:

CPU: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 (2.80 GHz) with Adreno 630 GPU, Vapor Chamber Cooling
Storage: Internal: 64GB UFS
External Storage: SIM + micro SD slot (up to 1TB)
Screen: 5.72-inch IGZO LCD 1440 x 2560, 120Hz
Cameras: Wide f/1.75 lens with 12MP and OIS, Telephoto f/2.6 lens with 12MP
Video: Up to 4K, f/2.0 lens with 8MP, 1080P Video
Sound: Dual front-firing stereo speakers with dual amplifiers, Dolby Atmos Technology, 24-bit DAC Audio Adapter
Battery: 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery

I had a hands on with the Razer Phone 2 recently, which you can check out below. I'll have more thoughts on the phone later soon.

The Razer Phone 2 Might Be 2018's Most Improved Phone

Less than a year after Razer brought their inaugural phone to Australia, a second one is on the way. The company officially unveiled it in a keynote livestream earlier this afternoon. But having spent some time with the phone under embargo earlier this week, the new Razer Phone might be the most improved device of 2018.

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  • Still a bit of a disappointment, especially the camera, and it’s overpriced, to boot, just like all Razer products. 1250 bucks? Nah. Sub $1000 I might consider it but there’s better options in that price range.

    It’s also running a SD 845 but it’s the end of the year now basically and the new 2019 phones that will be running the next gen of SD chips are just around the corner. Can’t help but wonder whether they should have just waited a few more months and launched with the new chip in early 2019 instead, especially since this is supposed to be a “gaming” phone that focuses on performance.

  • Far out phones are bloody expensive these days.

    I’m paranoid about dropping my $300 phone, you’d be calling the ambulance if I dropped a $1,200 phone.

    • Dat screen tho
      In all seriousness, I agree with you, though I do love the form factor (I’m a weirdo who actually likes me some bezels), so I’m watching to see what Razer do in the future (assuming they have one in phones).

      • The problem is with the razer phone. Is that its price instantly makes you compare it to other phones in that price range. Why would you buy the razer phone when you could buy the Newest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Both of which have superior hardware and features.

        If Razer priced this around $500-600 they would dominate the mid-range market.

        • Razer will lose their shirt in the mobile space.

          People weren’t buying Razer for the best G4M3R gear. They were paying for their design. When it comes to laptops/headsets/mice, they offered arguably comparatively stylish products (especially their laptops) compared to their competitors. People will absolutely pay more for that.

          But the problem is, this style-edge is something Apple pretty much owns, and companies like Sony, Samsung, LG etc have been doing much better for much longer than Razer.

          I can’t see this ending well for them.
          Unless we’re all wrong about Diablo Immortal and it’s GOTY material 😉

        • They can’t do mid-range, firstly because they’re Razer, and that just seems like something they wouldn’t do, but secondly because of their cooling and 120GHz screen would probably put them well and truly out of the mid-range simply on manufacturing costs.
          And don’t get me wrong, when I finally decide I’ve had enough of my current phone, Samsung’s probably going to be top of my list, but I hate the current trend of all-screen phones (notch or no notch) and Razer is one of the few actually challenging that which automatically makes me pay attention.
          But for the price they’re asking, they really need to at least keep up with the camera tech (or somehow borrow some of Google’s photo AI) and their software sounds like it needs at least another iteration before it’s decent.

    • They tried that, didn’t they?
      The fact that I’m having trouble remembering speaks volumes about how well that went for them.

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