Really Big Whopper Coming To Burger King In Japan

Image: Burger King

Later this month, a very special Whopper is going on sale in Japan. Packed with five flame-grilled patties, this Whopper will be available only for a limited time.

The special Whopper goes on sale November 29 in Japan, which is “good meat day.” It’s not a national holiday, but a pun. November 29 is 11-29. The eleven looks like the Japanese “ii” (いい), meaning “good.” The numbers “2" and “9" are “ni” and “kyuu,” which sounds like “niku” (肉), the Japanese word for “meat.”

And that’s what 11-29 is “good meat” day!

According to ASCII, the special Whoppers go on sale November 29. Priced at 1,290 yen ($15.86), the burgers will be available to December 2 during the hours of 2 pm to 5 pm. Apparently, only 1,129 of these burgers will go on sale!


    who doesn't want a lot of meat in their mouth

      Let's be real, four of those patties are hitting the floor/napkin/burger box the second you squeeze that thing together.

      Just make sure you squeeze those buns tight to keep a good grip on the meat.

    Not quite as big as the windows 7 whopper (7 patties) I had during the windows 7 release promotion :P Still remember all that oil dribbling out and running down my arm lol.

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