Report: The Legend Of Zelda Is Getting A TV Series

Report: The Legend Of Zelda Is Getting A TV Series
Image: Kotaku

If The Witcher would make a wonderful backdrop for a TV series, then surely so would Hyrule.

The executive producer on Castlevania, Adi Shankhar, announced on Instagram recently that he was working with an “iconic Japanese gaming company” to adapt one of their franchises into a TV series.

It’s not being announced until November 16 US time, but The Wrap has reported that the franchise is none other than The Legend of Zelda. They didn’t specify what timeline we’d be looking at – is it Breath of the Wild Hyrule, one of the games from the ’90s, or a mashup of elements from all of them.

Still, Zelda as a TV series could be neat. Showcasing Ganondorf’s brutality across the land could be fun to replicate visually, and the character of Hyrule’s inhabitants could be teased out across multiple episodes, almost like a shonen manga.

Hopefully that’s not actually what we end up getting, but who knows. Shankhar noted in his post that Castlevania “created this opportunity”, and regardless of what the franchise ends up being, or the direction, it’s pretty clear that Netflix are looking at the world of video games for more original content.

Maybe that’s how we finally get a feature length Uncharted movie made.


  • I assume they would go with a cartoon. Live action would be too corny and we saw the backlash from fans of the Witcher series with casting choices.

  • They tried this a few years ago & it died quietly in development Hell.

    If they do go with it, they might as well make it a proper anime.
    They need to sort out the timeline & what story they want to go with before anything else because despite people wanting to see Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess adapted the same people will also decry even the slightest changes to their personal head canon on how it should be.

      • Not to be confused with a Anti-Personal Head Cannon -which you attach to your skull to take out light infantry units.

    • I don’t see any reason why they would stick to an existing timeline. Zelda lends itself to reboot the story again

      • Fan demands for a start or the desires of the production team to replicate/pay tribute to their favourite game would be the main reason they go for an established narrative or timeline.

  • Shankhar has been more vocal about attempting a metroid series, which if true would be potentially amazing. I’d be down for that so much harder than for zelda.

  • Does it really have enough “story” to be a TV show? Or are we going to end up with a lot of dialogue explaining combat strategies a la Yu Gi Oh explaining card tactics? Sure, the games have great world building and there are key events interspersed throughout gameplay but the gameplay removed, how are they going to fill those gaps and make a cohesive story for TV? Especially with a silent protagonist who is typically only accompanied by 1-2 other characters at most.

  • It’s gonna suck.

    To be completely blunt, there is NO way to do a series based on The Legend of Zelda without completely discarding everything that makes it, well, The Legend of Zelda. I don’t mean plot points, I mean style, feel, tone. Comparisons to The Witcher are very misguided. Link is, by his nature, not an interesting character, unlike Geralt of Rivia; he’s a blank slate who the story is not really about and who always has the simplest of motives for his actions- save a friend, save a love interest, save the world. The one time they tried giving him a predefined personality (in the 80s cartoon) we HATED that guy- a shallow, arrogant prick who was mainly motivated by the hope of getting Zelda to kiss him and constantly repeated his annoying catchphrase “Well EXCUUUUUUSE ME, princess!” Zelda is very much a fairy tale fantasy story, compared to The Witcher’s dark fantasy- characters only have single names, bizarre dungeons and random temples litter the world, usually with little to no explanation for their existence, and the quest almost invariably revolves around collecting a bunch of artifacts. There’s not enough to build a real linear non-interactive narrative on there, meaning to make a series out of it they’re going to have to invent massive swathes of world and story out of nothing. I’m not saying they won’t be able to make a good SERIES, just that it won’t be a good ZELDA series. It just won’t WORK.

  • Nintendo will refuse any sort of attempt that isn’t what they want. So I don’t expect this to get out of pre-production

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