Smash Bros Ultimate + Evanescence = Perfect

Queen and Smash are a great fit. But Evanescence might be even better.

The lyrics don't match up quite as well as Don't Stop Me Now, but the beat certainly does. Even the drop at the end on point.

You're welcome.

The New Smash Trailer Is Better With Pop Music

Over the weekend, Nintendo released a new commercial for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate without any background music. The internet proceeded to work its magic and there are now hundreds of different versions of the video floating around set to songs ranging from Prince’s 1991 to the Dragon Ball Z intro music. They all somehow work really well.

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    whoever made that decision at Nintendo is either a marketing genius....or really effing lucky

    Can't sit through Evanesence. I tried so hard, and got so far (yeah, that's Linkin Park, but it's the same sorta dickrock).

    Yeah i personally don't see this one as lining up well at all really.

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