Some Keyforge Decks Are Being Recalled Because Of Their ‘Unfortunate’ Names

The latest card game from Richard Garfield, maker of Magic: The Gathering, Android: Netrunner and Artifact, isn’t your usual card game. It’s unique in that you play with the deck you buy – and every deck is completely different from all the others.

All of these decks also have procedurally generated names. Some names, however, have proved a little problematic for Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

According to FFG, less than 0.05% of KeyForge‘s initial print run has resulted in decks with “an unfortunate pairing of words“. When players buy a KeyForge deck, you’re required to register them on the official website. If the deckname is a little too risque for FFG’s updated standards, you won’t be able to use your deck in official tournaments.

So naturally, people have been sharing photos of their decks just for fun.

Like the Emperor That Pays For Boys.

Or a socialist-loving teacher.

A page over at Heavy Punch Games is chronicling some of the best recalled KeyForge decks, so that the internet may enjoy them and the quirks of procedural generation for all eternity.

There’s a deck for fans of the ATO:

Procedurally generated dick jokes:

A woman that sounds rather wholesome, if you ask me:

And this kid, who sounds like he’d have a ripper of an Planeswalker origin story.

But my favourite most of all, as long-time readers of the site, is this one: a deck after Mark Serrels, a deck people can no longer play in official tournaments.

Bless you, KeyForge. While I wish FFG would have just left the decks as is, they are shipping players two decks to make up for the ban. I do look forward to the side tournament that features all of the banned decks, though.

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