Some Keyforge Decks Are Being Recalled Because Of Their ‘Unfortunate’ Names

Some Keyforge Decks Are Being Recalled Because Of Their ‘Unfortunate’ Names
Image: <a href="">Heavy Punch</a>

The latest card game from Richard Garfield, maker of Magic: The Gathering, Android: Netrunner and Artifact, isn’t your usual card game. It’s unique in that you play with the deck you buy – and every deck is completely different from all the others.

All of these decks also have procedurally generated names. Some names, however, have proved a little problematic for Fantasy Flight Games (FFG).

According to FFG, less than 0.05% of KeyForge‘s initial print run has resulted in decks with “an unfortunate pairing of words“. When players buy a KeyForge deck, you’re required to register them on the official website. If the deckname is a little too risque for FFG’s updated standards, you won’t be able to use your deck in official tournaments.

So naturally, people have been sharing photos of their decks just for fun.

Like the Emperor That Pays For Boys.

Image: Heavy Punch

Or a socialist-loving teacher.

A page over at Heavy Punch Games is chronicling some of the best recalled KeyForge decks, so that the internet may enjoy them and the quirks of procedural generation for all eternity.

There’s a deck for fans of the ATO:

Procedurally generated dick jokes:

A woman that sounds rather wholesome, if you ask me:

And this kid, who sounds like he’d have a ripper of an Planeswalker origin story.

But my favourite most of all, as long-time readers of the site, is this one: a deck after Mark Serrels, a deck people can no longer play in official tournaments.

Bless you, KeyForge. While I wish FFG would have just left the decks as is, they are shipping players two decks to make up for the ban. I do look forward to the side tournament that features all of the banned decks, though.


  • sorry, but I really only see one of them as being bad. The rest are just funny. Key Forge should re-work the game as a adults jokes card game. (Note: only a couple of the cards above were banned; most are just funny decks that people are happy to share. Sorry about the confusion with this comment.)

    • Yeah, they really should have left them in. Maybe their legal counsel are super risk averse or something, but it’s a shame.

      • In today’s climate companies are having to be super risk averse unfortunately.
        Once something sparks on the internet all sort’s of hell breaks loose.
        It’s a shame but that’s where we are at.
        I agree though only the first one should have been removed. The rest are pretty funny.

        • Note that this is actually the only one that was banned. The rest are registered and allowed to play without a problem.
          The problem is rather that this article is misleading.

  • I don’t get it. Why recall some of those? “The Boy Who Basically Headbutts Heaven,” is awesome and there’s nothing offensive or ‘unfortunate’ (IMPLICATION) about it at all. If that were an anime series, the title alone would convince me to give it a watch.

    • I think i remember hearing or seeing that there’s some fair strong objections by fundamentalist Christian groups to cards games like Magic, so yeah I could see a highly risk averse US lawyer or company media flack having a problem with a card with this name. Stupid, but just add it to the pile of US bullshit.

    • i agree about the anime lol

      Why can’t the minority of society (the SJW’s, Cultural nanny’s and the fun police) just stop pissing in everyone cereal.

      i bet the bruised wang one was determined to be transphobic ugh

        • banmed?? i think your the one foaming at the mouth…

          feeling guilty about someones cereal you recently pissed in?

          EDIT: read alex walker post just below this one and you might understand why some people didn’t know only 1 had been banned then take your meds

  • Only the first deck you’ve listed has been banned – the others are all registered on the KeyForge database, so can’t have been banned (you can search for them yourself: there are 10 decks with Socialism in their name, and 9 headbutting decks). These are just decks people think have funny names.

    • I put a note in there that people were just sharing them for fun, and not that the decks shown had been banned specifically.

      • Unfortunately your note is ambiguous at best, and does nothing to address the misleading nature of the article.
        I’m quite disappointed at these kind of cheap click-bait tactics.

    • Yep. I believe the official release date was the 15th November. However most of the starter sets (which have 2 decks, counters, etc) are sold out across Australia. You can still pick up decks from your FLGS (to the best of my knowledge).

      • Starter packs have four decks: 2 teaching decks and 2 random decks. They’re not great value and I’d recommend anyone that is interested in learning just show up to a store that’s holding an event, buy a single deck and see how things go. It’s easy to come up with alternate tokens, I’m personally using my old Netrunner kit that includes dice (not tournament legal), Netrunner tokens and Arkham Horror tokens.

        There’s a restock coming in the next couple of weeks that mean we should be okay through the rest of the year.

        With reports of American stores selling out and Fantasy Flight’s history of not being able to keep up with demand, while focusing on their American customers, I have serious concerns about availability from the start of next year.

        We’ll see how it goes though.

  • Screw that… one of the most popular card games in recent years has been Cards Against Humanity.

    I say double down of this and make some riduculous cards.

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