Speedrunner Beats Symphony Of The Night Blindfolded

How well do you know Symphony of the Night? Probably pretty well. Dracula's castle has been so well-trod in the last twenty years that there are people out there that know every detail about it.

You probably don't know the game as well as Romscout, who has beaten the game blindfolded.

As a bonus run during the recent GDQx at Twitchcon, Romscout played through Symphony of the Night while wearing an adorable kitty blindfold in just over an hour and twenty minutes. Navigating the game only by audio cues and a mental map drawn over thousands of hours, this was one hell of an achievement that shows true mastery over a classic game.

Things didn't go smoothly. Romscout distracted himself early on and lost track of Alucard, forcing him to start over a few minutes in. Nor did he manage to beat the game within his estimated time of an hour.

Most of the run was spent with the co-commentators on the couch struggling not to have heart attacks. The stress of seeing someone play SotN is real.


    I watched the run live and it was both impressive and frustrating. Impressive in the fact that it was possible at all, but frustrating when he spent 20 minutes trying to get a skip glitch to work. If you watch the VOD I'd advise to fast forward that part.

      so your saying that if he didnt spend 20mins trying to do this one skip he would of completed it in under 60mins

        Probably lol.

        I didn't time it exactly at the time admittedly. Looking at the VOD now it's closer to 12 minutes but it felt like an eternity watching live. In the VOD he starts attempting it around 1:01:44 and finally gets it at 1:13:13.

    That is insane.
    I’ve finished this game many many times but no way I could do it without sight!

    Holy shit! Although I would be significantly more impressed if he did it without the Death skip exploit!

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