Stan Lee Has Passed Away

Stan Lee Has Passed Away
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Stan Lee, the co-founder of Marvel and perhaps the most iconic name and face in all of comics, has passed away at the age of 95.

Lee’s daughter reportedly confirmed his passing to TMZ this morning, with the celebrity website reporting that the creator was rushed to hospital Sunday Australian time. The cause of death isn’t known at the time of writing.

Lee, who had a cameo in every Marvel movie (which you can view below), began in comics back in 1939. He helped develop Marvel and the base concepts for the Marvel Universe in 1961 alongside Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and others, and he maintained a daily role with the company for decades until relocating to California in 1981.

Lee is survived by his daughter, J.C. “My father loved all of his fans,” she told the website. “He was the greatest, most decent man.”

The official DC Comics Twitter account also posted a short tribute:


  • Rest in Peace Stan. I can’t honestly say I’m sad just because you passed, you led an incredible, long life and at 95, you had a hell of a run. What saddens me, is the way you were treated at the end by opportunists and sycophants around you. The fact you were not allowed to just ride out your final years in pure happiness, but were manipulated, coerced and mentally tortured and bullied by those who would seek money and opportunity sickens me. Thanks for everything you gifted upon the world, your comics, media and influence have been nothing short of landmark upon my life and now my own sons as he’s grown. Rest in Peace mate.

  • Vale Mr. Lee.
    Thanks to you, my kids know the joy of watching X-men and many, many others. They are some of the best moments as a family on the couch watching your creations on the screen.
    You will be sorely missed.
    Rest in Peace.

  • Although I’m not so much into superheroes now, I fondly remember reading the Spider-Man Maximum Carnage series and collecting the various series of x-men trading cards while most of my peers were into basketball cards.
    And those old school x-men figurines from the early 90s – I still have some in their boxes lying around in storage.

  • Even though I have a rather large mountain of shame, I might just get Spiderman on PS4.

    It effectively has Lee’s last cameo and from what I can tell (I’m more a Garfield man than a comic book hero man), Spiderman is Lee’s favourite creation.

  • I was never a big comic book reader, but the MCU films got me back into seeing movies again after years of not really wanting to. Now every movie is an event for me and a small group that I go to see them with, and it’s always a great time.

  • I’m not gonna lie, I always used to groan during his cameos. But I’ve just now realised how much I’m going to miss them 🙁

    Thank you Mr Lee, may you rest in peace.

  • I was lucky enough to meet him at Brisbane Comic Con last year, and watch his panel there also, and just yesterday Facebook threw up a “memory” from one year ago of the photo of him and I together…

    To wake up to this news this morning was a little heartbreaking, not gonna lie, but he had a good run, and both lasted a lot longer than most would expect, and provided so much goodness in that time that we as a human race will likely be sated for entertainment for generations to come thanks to him.

  • So long and thanks for my childhood! Which inspired me to be the type of adult I wanted to be. Okay true I wanted to be Spider-man but ended up been terrified of spiders. Jokes, aside, we all wish we could live a life and have a legacy as much he did personally, professional, over so many generations and those still to come.

    Even today I am working on a primary school dance show and there was a kid walking around Spidey outfit… the future doesnt look too bad.

  • RIP

    Also didn’t Lee have a flock of blood sucking lawyers around him this year? can’t have been good for his health!

  • Thank you, Stan. Your legacy remains within us and our children. We’ll carry you forward into the future you dreamed about so many times. Perhaps, with your warnings, we’ll manage it to make it less dystopic than you feared.

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