Steam Listing For Sunset Overdrive Appears

Sunset Overdrive was one of the first prominent exclusives for the Xbox One. Four years later, we're getting closer to Insomniac's hyper-vibrant shooter launch on PC.

A Steam listing for the game has appeared on the third-party tracker SteamDB. It's hidden to the public, so you can't access the game from the Steam front page.

It does add weight to rumours that Sunset Overdrive would come to PC one way or another. Insomniac Games, which recently published the acclaimed Spider-Man, has been vocal about wanting to produce a Sunset Overdrive sequel. A listing on South Korea's ratings board in May also indicated that a PC version was on the way.

A shot of the Sunset Overdrive PC rating from the Korean ratings board.

Sunset Overdrive is listed on the Microsoft Store, but only for Xbox One at the time of writing. It's still selling for $29.95 there, but the game is also part of the Xbox Game Pass (which costs $10.95/month in comparison).


    Makes scenes it ends up on Steam for PC. Whats really interesting to me, is this could also have the added benefit of them getting there engine working well on PC. I'm amusing SSO uses the same engine as the new Spiderman game, so SSO could be a way to test things out before porting Spiderman... At least, that's my theory.

    wow, im actually quite suprised that it has a steam listing showing up before its even been offically announced on the windows store

    This is great, i was wanting to play sunset overdrive for ages.

    Sunset overdrive is an amazing game, but I fear it’s going to be compared to Spider-Man and will fail to find an audience again

    This has been the only reason for me to want to pick up an Xbox One, so I hope it comes to fruition.

    I got it free with the BoneS when I upgraded for the UHD player, and gave it a spin. It... hasn't aged well.

    Hell yeah, an Xbox exclusive game coming to PC, and it's made by the same people who made Spider-Man for PS4. Spider-Man PC confirmed 2022.

    If this is true, there goes one of the reasons I'm going to pick up an Xbone next year.

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