Steam's Support For The Australian Dollar Is Live

At long last.

Support for the Australian dollar on Steam has been a long time coming. After announcing its intent to support the currency in 2014, the service began collecting information on the region officially last year through the developer backend.

Valve staffers then announced during Melbourne International Games Week that front-facing support for dollarydoos would be enabled in mid-November, and an official email sent around to developers confirmed that support was scheduled to turned on by 1000 AEDT, just in time for the next Steam sale.

Here's some before and after examples of the initial change:

Most of the pricing is within a dollar of what Australians would have paid this time yesterday, once currency conversions have been factored in. Artifact, Valve's upcoming digital card game, would have cost Australians $US19.99 early this morning. Now, it costs $27.95 - and if you add the extra few percent that banks usually charge, that's a small saving.

The price of AAA games is now much more reasonable - but only compared to what was originally charged on Steam. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey was selling for $US59.99 earlier this morning, and that's still the global USD price. However, Aussies can now buy the game digitally for $69.95 - not the cheapest offering, but it's also not absurdly overpriced compared to retail the way blockbusters on Steam used to be. Civilization 6 is currently available for $20.98, which is incredibly reasonable given that Americans are being charged $US18:

More to come...


    I added a $20 card yesterday, didn't get around to getting the game I wanted so its still there as credit. Gave ~$15, will be interesting to see what it (if it does ) converts back to. Should be a touch over $21 given the 85c that was already there.

      So for anyone playing at home, I checked my balance when I got home and that balance bumped back up to $21.25 which is where I think it roughly should be. Maybe even a few cents to my advantage.

      Not much excitement there, other than to know that there seemingly werent any shennanigans played overnight during their update process. It would have been an easy point to change things up a couple of percent and take a rake, so to speak.

    WOW looking at the comparison of the game prices, who would of though that UBIsoft werent the one publisher to not try and screw us over. only 20 dollar for Seige where ark is 42 dollars
    US price for seige was 16 and AU is 20, ark was 30USD and now 42AUD

    AC: Odyssey is now $89.95, $169 for the ultimate edition. o_O

      The deluxe and ultimate editions are only 3% more expensive than the US price, so likely not a huge deal (especially when you're considering spending over $160 on one game). The base game and the gold edition, however, are ~8% more expensive.

      It’s sad that games are becoming routinely cheaper on consoles buying from retail outlets, unless you wait for a significant sale.

    Elder Scrolls Online Subscription and the premium currency is quite significantly better for Aussies. Around 30% saving.

    Interesting side effect a week or two ago. Humble Bundle a steam key seller is listing converted AU prices on their site to make price comparing easier.

    Holy crap - the days of buying games through Steam seem to be over. Some of these prices are RIDICULOUS.
    We Happy Few - $84.95
    The Evil Within 2 - $89.95
    AssCreed Origins - $89.95
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - $89.95

    Yeah, nah.

      I bought maybe 5 games from steam in the last 5-7 years. Apart from sales they've been one of the most expensive options for a long time and even then most of their sales are lackluster unless the games are a few years old.

      I remember buying Dark Souls 2 on sale at launch from some website....was over 18 months before Steam had a sale to match that price.

    My account has been set to Russia for a couple of days. Getting help from steam support is like pulling teeth. I don't get to enjoy the Aussie dollars because I'm in rubles.

    Pity Kotaku didn't pick a "top ten" games list and do the pricing a couple days before and again after so we could have seen a more concise list. Hindsight is 20-20 though.

    Ummm my comment was deleted for seemingly no reason. No swearing, nothing trolly.
    What gives Kotaku?

      No comments were deleted in this post. You sure it wasn't somewhere else?

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