Super Mario Odyssey Is Already Playable In An Emulator

Super Mario Odyssey Is Already Playable In An Emulator

We tend to associate emulators as a means of playing old games from superseded systems, but the Yuzu emulator is different: it’s trying to run Nintendo Switch games on the PC, and it’s doing a very good job.

Yuzu was only announced in January, but is already doing big things, as we can see in this vid:

There are some graphical glitches in parts and slowdown in others, but for the most part that’s Super Mario Odyssey, playable on a PC.

This is a weird place to be in. A lot of emulation work takes place in a legal minefield, but can generally be tolerated by most folks because the games and systems they’re emulating are old and tough (or even impossible) to find digitally.

Yuzu, though, is emulating a very current system, with very current and commercially successful games. That’s a tough sell.


  • With the way nintendo has been jumping on alot of fan made stuff recently, i wouldnt be entirely suprised if we get another kotaku article within the next week or two talking about how nintendo issues a take down on Yuzu’s work

    • Kinda bizzare right that Take Two can take a million dollars from a website for publishing rumours, and yet Kotaku can publish this with impunity. I’m not suggesting for a second that Kotaku should be punished but it does stike me as odd.

      • Leaking confidential information is a bit different to getting an already released game running on an emulator.

        • Yeah. I would say the former is significantly less harmful than the latter. Trustedreviews “leaked” that RDR2 would have FPS and Battle Royale. Any idiot could have hypothesized that. I don’t see how that would harm sales. An emulator for a current generation platform on the other hand…..

      • Because they are two completely different things.

        One is publishing confidential information of which they signed a non-disclosure contract on.

        This is someone reporting on an emulator.

        Reporting on things that might be illegal is not against the law.

        • Ahhh. Didn’t realise there was an NDA involved.
          Begs the question – why show something to a games website and then ask them not to disclose it?

  • Hopefully still a thing when Pokémon on switch comes out. I’d be happy to pay for the game but there is absolutely no way in hell I’m paying $300-400 for the fucking switch (especially when I’m only interested in Pokémon on it)

  • The emulator itself wouldn’t be illegal, unless they are using some proprietary software from the device like the bios (unsure how this works but that’s a definite possibility).

    However, whatever the device is they are using to copy the game card onto the PC in a rom format is most definitely illegal. So is whoever may be distributing said roms.

  • Emulators like this end up doing more harm than good to the emulation community so I hope Nintendo shuts this down as soon as possible.

    • Emulators like this end up doing more harm than good to the emulation community

      Citation needed

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