Super Realistic Japanese Dioramas

Screenshot: arakichi1969

This is the work of Satoshi Araki, who is known for his “chou riaru” (超リアル) or “super real” dioramas.

Araki’s work has been featured in magazines and on Japanese TV. He’s even written books, giving tips on how to make super real dioramas.

The detail is staggering.


If you like Araki’s dioramas, you can follow him on Twitter or snag his Japanese language diorama books.


    Holy shit these things are amazing.

    Some of the detail is so good you wouldn't be able to tell its a diorama unless someone told you.

      Amazing hey. I've looked at a lot of scenery for tabletop gaming etc - those guys do amazing things, but this is a whole new level of realism. Tempted to buy a book just to ogle the pictures.

        If i made something that good. I would never use it for tabletop gaming. It would be sealed in a glass cabinet lol.

    Wow, stunning work. If you're interested, check out Luke Towan on Youtube - he's an Aussie dude with a huge following in the model rail scene. I stumbled across his channel when trying (failing) to build scenery for my kid.

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