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    New Tay.
    Just a reminder, that I still need my card/board game tested. It's still in alpha, as in, no images as I am trying to get the basics right.
    Anyone interested can shoot me an email at scree(at) y7mail(dot) com

      It only took 4 missed clicks and three unwanted ads loaded, to say this...
      But I'd love to try it out. Have bounced you an email.

        Sent you the dropbox link. Sorry that it is a lot to cut out.

          If it was in vector format, I could laser cut it :)

            I did do it in illustrator. I saved it all as jpegs though D=

              If you have the original illustrator files, that would be marvellous. I could cut you a set as well :)

                I would have to redo them. I only really saved the template for now

    @alexwalker Thanks for the dark theme updates! Just wanted to give a thumbs up for whoever got that done, it's looking great now.

      So how does one enable the dark theme?

        In your profile, at the very bottom beneath all the notifications.

          Oh god, that is so much better. My eyes relaxed instantly at the press of a button.

    Whelp, just bought a MSI Z390 Godlike, now to wait for binning from Silicon Lottery around the 30th for a 9900K and we might be in business.

      Wow. Going all in man! Nice. Hope you get a good one!

    I'm about 5 hours into the Return of the Obra Dinn, and holy crap it is engrossing. Solving the identities and fates of 60 crew and passengers is a large task, but genuinely my only regret (being about halfway through it) is that this is a play-once type of game, because I'm just loving the story and the way it gets uncovered.

    Won't say much else than that because it's a game that can be easily spoiled, but if you like deductive puzzles with a solid accompanying narrative, this is a must buy.

      I played through to 100% completion on the weekend and can confirm it's a pretty rad thing.

      The less people know going into it, the better. Suffice to say, it's made by Luca Pope of Papers Please fame, it's surprisingly bombastic for an insurance simulator and it really rewards paying attention.

        Agreed, I don't want to say any more than what I have, at least about the story. But it's worth playing for sure.

          I guess it would run pretty fine on a midrange laptop huh?... ill check out the specs.hmmm tempted this console peasant to give it a try. looks intriguing.

            It'll probably run on a toaster, it's very low spec. I'm not convinced it even needs a discrete GPU as the Steam page says.

      Started this over the weekend, and been playing in fits and starts. Currently working on identifying my ninth person, so not super far through, and I'm loving the attention to detail - I'm having to keep physical notes, because there are things the game won't let you note down until you can attach a face to the name. And the story thus far is so layered... it's brilliant.

    Saturday night from 7:30
    The Market Hotel
    160 Clarendon St, South Melbourne

    New TAY, New Spam
    Beer garden booked and ready to go. All locked in and I have paid the deposit. So every who voted for this better come and spend money

    Directions to the venue, 1 straight line in the same direction as previous years.
    We have the place until around 1am so feel free to come early, late or whatever
    Menu is on the website but will need to advise if everybody is planning on eating dinner there

    A lot of the planning will be via twitter where I have the same username as here. Any questions feel free to post here. All welcome, heads up appreciated so I have a feel for numbers but if you find yourself free on the night drop by

      Awesome. I'm partly double-booked as my Elite:Dangerous group are having a meat on Saturday night too but I'll stop in with them for a brew then get over to the Market.

        Great, it has been far too long
        Wish my house was bigger so I could bribe taybies with home cooked meals to catch up

        What platform do you play on

          Usually PC although I do have a copy on PS4.

          Having a break at present, too much going on IRL, but I'll be back in when Chapter 4 comes out...

          Hang out in explorer groups, or the ED ANZ group, sometimes in Mobius.

    So what are the "must have" games for the Switch? Assuming 1-2 players.

      Obviously your first party Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart.

      Lesser so, Mario Party and Pokken Tournament (if thats your thing). Also Smash comes out this month.

      Starlink is probably worth picking up on Switch because of all the Starfox content that is exclusive.

      Odd one, but I *really* like Riptide, which is a jetski racing game that works really well on the Switch.

        Small correction but Smash doesn't come out until December 7th :)

        Smash is my bread and butter. The Switch is my Trojan Horse to get Smash in the household.

        I spend most of my time with Dead Cells, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey and Zelda.

        Playing Flashback on it was a real blast, until the final levels where it becomes super arbitrarily difficult, but it wasn't worth the $27 it cost me.

      Every indie game you already own elsewhere.
      Overcooked 1 or 2
      Taiko drum game demo. It is for two people and it is a demo. See if you like it.
      A lot of switch games are couch co-op

      What Camm said below and Scree was correct about the indies but I have found the Switch to be great for having those indies in a quick, portable and accessible kind of way. Dead Cells is slowly becoming my most played switch game so far. It's perfect to just do a quick run when you have a few mins free.

        The switch was used to introduce me to Shovel knight and Enter the gungeon. I passed it onto another with Crypt of the Necrodancer.
        These are all couch co-op games.

          I was the same with Shovel knight. I had never played it on any other platform. Great game. It was the same with me for Mr Shifty, Dead Cells and Cave Story. Games I wouldnt normally sit down to play on my pc or consoles but just found them perfect for switch. I really want Hotline Miami to come to switch soon.

            At Pax today, i asked every indie dev when the game was coming to switch.

              Lol. Good work! It's a great platform for it!

                Some hadn't considered it. Others had but weren't sure how.

                  I think for some it still is a platform that they will port over to. Develop their preferred first and then look at switch. What was Pax like?

            Exhausting. I think because I've been taking my Mum to the shopping centre first (she is a falls risk and I am her full time carer) to get food and stuff every morning.
            Indies were at the front, which was great to see. I got to play a little bit of starlink. Played a few board games as well.
            Saturday was a nightmare because it was ridiculously busy. Friday was a nightmare because you had to line up to get in.

              Yeah sounds crazy. Doesn't sway me to going.

                Indie's make it all worth it. that and board games.

                  I plan to go one day. Lol, especially when I'm not working all weekend. I'm so lost with all these boardgames now days. There are so many! All I ever played was monopoly and trivial pursuit as a kid.

            Hotline Miami would be great. I've played it a little on my PS4 but never got super into it.

            I find myself wishing GOG would come in and start putting legacy titles up. I'd love to play System Shock 2 and all my old 90s point and clickers on the switch.

            Wishful thinking but still, it'd be great.

              That is where I think the switch with its portable mode makes a big difference. A quick jump in and play.

              As for some classics... I think homebrew covers most of that sort of thing or will as it is rapidly growing. For example, you can use scummvm to play some classic point and clickers and it wouldn't take long to port System shock 2. Quake 3 Arena is already ported.

              Personally, I am waiting for a decent Dreamcast/Naomi games release or emulation to make my switch a great fighting game machine for on the go. Some Capcom vs Snk or Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the undocked screen at 720p would be perfect. Killer Instinct is not far away.

     This guy is Australian and his channel is excellent. He is also a great homebrew coder since the og xbox days.

              I think Nintendo really dropped the ball as far as virtual console is concerned. There is a bigger market of people that purchased one with that in mind (myself included) thinking that it wouldve been a feature. Especially given that the hardware is very capable.

        Monopoly is the worst. There are so many good board games, although I got spoiled with an XXL Marakesh Demo game, and now I want that instead.

          Huh. I replied to this earlier today and it hasn't been approved. Wonder what's going on. Some other posts of mine are showing either.

          Last edited 02/11/18 8:02 pm

            Did you say something more than 5 people disagreed with?

              Lol. I doubt it. But none of the other comments have come up either. Oh well. Into the void.

                That's when you tag @alexwalker in ALL your comments =P

                  All good. Probably one of them not working as it was a post about ablocks on different platform's.

            Yeah, Alex is at Blizzcon atm.

              Yeah. I'm on the US timezone so comments approval might take longer than usual. I'll be back on local time from Wednesday but I am clearing through things slowly before then. Prioritising stories first though so bare with me.

      I honestly don't know if you have played these games or not (especially since they are ports from prior generations or are multi-ports in nature), but I still feel they are worth adding.

      If you're after something mellow, Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is a good game to unwind to.

      For a good all rounder, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

      And for a call back to the good ol' 90s, Sonic Mania.

      Starlink is pretty good. I've sunk many hours into it already without realising it till I looked up. My advice: get the digital version; it has more ships, weapons, and pilots. The toys are a nice novelty and kids will enjoy them but they get tedious to swap around, and all of the same swapping and such can be done faster in the pause menu. Plus, playing digitally allows you to have three full ship-&-weapon loadouts that you can switch to at any time.

        Fantastic. I've been away for a month and I'm already in moderation hell right off the bat.

          I tried Starlink at Pax to make sure it didn't make me unwell. I was fine

    Half my laptop screen just went dim. So I'm having a good time.

      I can't walk without pain. I'm not having a great time either D=

    Can anyone comment on sound quality of Lucid's headsets, and the Razor Thresher? Want a Xbox headset that connects using the Xbox protocol, and its down to these two.

    Okay, so, @alexwalker I hate to bring up the subject of ads on the site again, but you may or may not be aware that Firefox has recently updated to version 63. This version has extended the tracking protection feature to what they call "content blocking". I've been playing around with it this morning and essentially this feature will block 95% of all ads appearing on Kotaku on its own, without the need for an adblocker plugin.

    The feature is enabled by default on private windows but with just one click it's enabled on standard windows too. If users already had tracking protection turned on in the old version this will be on by default in the new version too.

    Basically Firefox has an built-in adblocker now, which might be bad news for Kotaku's ad providers. It's also no secret Google is going to be rolling out a built-in adblocker for Chrome before too long as well.

      That's good to know, thanks. Chrome's built-in adblocker has already started rolling out, although Google does work with some providers to whitelist them. I assume people responsible for that sort of thing are already having those conversations, but I'm not involved in that.

    I just noticed that the styling on the dark theme of the Kotaku website has now been fixed. Thank you!!! :D

    Kotaku still hasn't wrote on the recent alleged Smash leaks? Don't make me write my own article!

    In other news, Apu will no longer be on the Simpsons. I shouldn't be mad, because I haven't watched The Simpsons in years, and Apu's presence won't be able to save the show from its zombie-like state but there's just a fire within that burns away at the thought of this. Beloved father, respected business owner, and all-round swell guy, you will be missed.

    I just listed my copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 on ebay. Brand new, didn't even dl the DLC.

    It's just too slow. Seriously. I've been playing Horizon a lot. Now that's a GAME. Emphasis on GAME. I want to have fun. I want to do awesome stuff. Red Dead has so much focus on nitty gritty, chores and just riding for minutes on end. Yes it's pretty but that's not enough for me. I'm 38 and have been gaming since I was 14. 18 seriously when I got my first PC. I have sacrificed so many thousands of hours of my life to gaming that I just can't get into something that seems so disrespectful of my time. I don't want to just live in a world. I already do that. The real world. A game needs to give me more.

    But it's cool that so many people are loving the game. It's a very impressive technical achievement.

      Its an incredible game, and is going to win plenty of GotY's come decision time, but yeah, the pacing means its not going to be for everyone. Theres a little too much time between moments of action, but that's just another version of entertainment.

      I play to be entertained, but I also love exploring games, and for now, this is ticking both those boxes. The moments of action have their challenge in them, and while that gap is going to get annoying at some point, it hasn't yet.

      But I do hear you, it is so slow paced compared to something like HZD.

        I think when I moved some hay in my camp I was like "seriously? Chores?"

        And bathing my dude limb by limb. I ain't got time for that!

        But yes, it's well crafted for the ppl who are its audience. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

      Horizon is truly wonderful. I haven't played for a while, but I'm on my 4th playthrough. Which I hardly ever do.

        Wow. I'm just about to finish my first. But I agree completely. It's my fave open world game ever. It's just great. Yes it doesn't do as much as the witcher, but what we do, do, is perfect.

          What I love is that Horizon respects the player's time. There are plenty of collectibles around for flavour (like the 100 audio datapoints) but you don't need to collect them for a trophy. The ones you do need for the platinum are the 3 main sets (mugs, metal flowers, banuk statues) plus smashing all the training dummies and it's easy to find most of them by just wandering the world during missions. The DLC Frozen Wilds was really worth it, and can be played at any point. There are enough side-quests (21 story ones IIRC) that are nice world building but not 30 versions of pointless fetch-quest filler.

          And the best - get the Platinum. You can actually do this on your first playthrough (there's a trophy for completing NG+ and one for Ultra difficulty, but they don't count towards the Platinum). If you do, you get a special PS theme. :)

          And yes, I finished it on Ultra. I've never done that with any other game.

          And now I want to go back and say hi to Aloy. :) Wonder where I left her.

            Frozen Wilds was great. I did it before I finished the main campaign. Had to stealth everywhere as I was so under leveled. I love the feeling of danger. Even at the highest level you can be killed easily if you make mistakes. I love that.

            I had no idea you were supposed to smash the training dummies. And the platinum trophy. What the whaaaat? I'm gonna look that up right now. Thanks man!

              Glad I could help. :) You can find me on PSN if you like.

              Same name as here, minus the "CMDR" bit...

                Done! But I don't have a headset so my comms are burned. If I get one my son will be using it all the time and I don't want my 9yr old being told to get ****** with a ***** for missing some kind of fort building contest in fortnite.

                  Parental controls, and private parties only. :) The people I play with are mostly dads or middle-aged people. Generally just nice. Catch up with some of them IRL from time to time.

    Small FYI: I'll be flying to Blizzcon tomorrow. Hit me up with questions if you have any while I'm there.

      No questions about that, but I have noticed that the dark theme fixes seem to have been reverted at some point in the last few days. Would be great to get them fixed again. It's the same areas as before, the fixes that were previously applied seem to have been undone.

        Cheers, I'll ask if somethings been reverted.

        Cheers, I'll ask if somethings been reverted.


        I probably broke it. Lemme have a quick looksee....

    How am I still tired?
    I enjoyed pax but I am still so tired! I don't seem to be able to recover. Ugh.

      I had the worst post-PAX sad on Sunday night and then Monday/Tuesday I was totally shattered. Slowly slowly recovering, but it's hard.

      Hope you recharge soon. :)

        This heat is NOT HELPING. *shakes fist*

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