Tetris Effect Has An Amazing Throwback Game Boy Level

Tetris Effect Has An Amazing Throwback Game Boy Level
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The first game I ever owned was Tetris for the Game Boy. I sucked back then, and I’m not too hot now, but nearly 30 years later I have a chance to go back to that experience thanks to an 8-bit level in Tetris Effect.

Tetris Effect’s Game Boy themed level was first seen during the game’s first “weekly ritual,” a weekly event in which players can cooperate to earn a global score to unlock new content and special swag like in-game avatars.

This week’s weekly ritual included a level that let players kick back to the old-school visuals and sounds in Effect mode, the non-story portion of the game. It features monochrome blocks and a version of the iconic “Theme A” that reacts to player inputs.

Now that the weekly ritual is over, the level is permanently unlocked for anyone who reached level 50. I just finished Tetris Effect last night at a novice setting and ended up at level 50, while our resident Tetris freak Paul sat at level 32 this morning. It might be a bit of a grind to unlock, but we’ll hopefully see this and maybe even more new levels as players.

For now, I’m eager to play this level and get a huge score. My grandma was always great at Tetris. Now that I can revisit its classic look, maybe I can finally be that good too.


  • My dad used to love playing Tetris. As did the rest of us actually. But he’d play it all the time, having his set of high scores sitting there to tease us. When we’d visit, we’d sit down and try to beat his scores, and we were all about the same standard.

    You could tell he wasn’t happy when we’d top the charts as well. It either meant a rest of the high score charts (it was an accident!) or a solid week wiping our score from existence.

    So its great to see a classic version like this appear. I was gaming well before the Gameboy came out so its nowhere near my earliest memory, but its still one of my favorites. I spent plenty of hours (and plenty of batteries) playing that game.

    It deserves its place in history as the biggest selling game ever.

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