The Detective Pikachu Movie Is Not At All What I Expected

I’m not sure how to feel about Ryan Reynolds turning Pikachu into a gritty, snarky detective, and in fact this first trailer fills me with all sorts of insane mixed emotions, but I do know that Detective Pikachu, which comes to theatres next winter, will be a must-see.

Just watch it:

Detective Pikachu is due to hit local theatres on June 16, 2019.


    Well that looks a lot different than I thought it was going to, might actually go see it

    I don't know how I feel about this. Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu feels weird.
    But ofc I'm going to go see it.

    really channeling the Mark Wahlberg's Ted vibes...

    I did not see that hyper-realistic art style coming. And somehow the voice I now associate with Deadpool wise-cracking out of a Pikachu is both worse and far, far better than I'd ever imagined.

    ...If they can do a PG Deadpool, do you think we can get an R Detective Pikachu? Because I am so down for that.

    A real life action movie of Pokemon's Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds and real life Pokemon?
    No way dude I do not want to see Pokemon's Detective Pikachu as a live action movie with Pokemon in real life.
    I think it would've been better if Warner Bros Pictures Legendary Pictures Nintendo and The Pokemon Company made Detective Pikachu as a computer graphic imaging animated movie.
    But Pokemon's Detective Pikachu as a live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu and starring real life Pokemon no way dude not going to see Pokemon's Detective Pikachu next year.

    This looks surprisingly better than it has any right to be. MY BRAIN IS SO CONFUSED.

    Ok that looks awsome.. ly funny. :D

    Looks way better than I thought it would. I'm surprised I actually found myself liking the artstyle.

    This is what video game movies need, they just need the game setting and its own story, not a a 10 hour adventure shoved into 90-120min movie.

    This looks fresh and fun, and Ryan Reynolds as the voice of pikachu sounds hilarious. He has incredible comedic timing.

    It looks so good and way better than anyone could have imagined, but the moment Pikachu talks and Ryan Reynolds voice comes out... maybe if he changed it slightly, but that just irks me.

    Still looks like a lot of fun.

    I was wondering how they'd explain giving Pikachu a voice. At least they address that. Looks kinda interesting, but I'm not a pokemon fan so I'm not feeling any outrage right now :P

    I kinda wish if they were gonna give him a voice they'd gone waaaaay over the top and made it a super deep voice that was utterly incongruous. Someone like Michael Clarke Duncan.

      No, Kieth David, my god could you imagine that.

        Well he does have the advantage of still being alive... I was just thinking of the deepest most "WTF" voice I could imagine coming out of Pikachu.

          Would love to see soneone changing the voice to people like David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman using a sound board or something.

            Absolutely. Freeman was another person who came to mind. Bruce Willis Diehard quotes could be hilarious too.

    Pokemon wlaking around the real world but looking like weird cgi anim models with uktra realistic lighting is just....bizzare

    Like what the fuck that charmander does not look real but there it is walking around real life

    They should just have done full cg instead of trying for realism but keeping the obviously anime non realistic designs

    Like no real animals eyes look like a pokemons, so why do these sorta realistic pokemon still have big googly pocket monster eyes? Its too cartoony to look real, but too realistic to match the cartoony designs

    Throw that into a live action movie and it just looks bizzare, you can tell they spent most of the effort on pikachu and not the other pokemon at all

    And dodrio just doesnt look like an animal that could survive in a real life setting come on look at those head sizes on such tiny necks, they should have redesigned the pokemon so theyd fit the real life aesthetic more, more realistic bird like heads for dodrio is a must for live action

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