The Great Emu War, As Simulated By Rimworld

Games are fun and all, but they're even better when they're capable of simulating national embarrassment in all their pixelated glory.

YouTuber Yeti spent far, far too long recreating the 1932 war in Rimworld, the colony simulator that's one of the highest rated games on Steam.

The Wild Things That Can Happen In RimWorld, Steam's Latest Hit

I watched a man tearfully avenge his dear old dog, freshly murdered by a dastardly raider, and then cook and eat it immediately afterwards. What the fuck, RimWorld? What the fuck?

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Rimworld is typically more about sci-fi colonies, but as the game has modules to work out AI pathfinding, trade, melee combat, gunplay, ecology, psychology, and more, it's apparently perfectly suitable for recreating a bunch of emus running into machinegun turrets.

Just like the actual war, the humans lost.


    Looks like They Are Billions, only with emu's...

    Sorry, this isn't related to the article, but I have to comment on how terrible this site has gotten over the past year. There's now more ads than content, and in the past week the pages aren't loading properly - I have to have the page opened fullscreen to be able to see anything. I prefer to read the pages in a small browser screen in the corner of the screen, and that also allows me to listen to videos while I work, which I was hoping to do with this video. Unfortunately the changes to the website means that I can't enjoy the website in the way that I usually do. I'm afraid that I'm starting to reach the end of the line, and may have to stop visiting the website. Which is a shame, because I really enjoy the articles and the content is great. But the site is starting to resemble a clickbait site with multiple different groups of ads all over the place - there's an ad at the top, ad on the site, multiple sponsored links and ads under the comments section, a video that can't be closed in the middle of the article, and then ads inbetween the article and the comments section. Some articles are more ads than words. Sure, the company needs to make money, but if the ads are going to be so intrusive then I won't be able to read the content.

      I couldn't agree with you more. Soon it will be like Gizomodo (which I don't visit anymore) with no comments and constant spoilers posted in the headings of stories.

    Good to see this little channel of Yeti's getting in the spotlight and to see someone else mentioning RimWorld - simply an amazing game and his videos show off some really neat stuff beyond this.

    There was one where he put graves inside a room and it created a tomb, which could then be used to boost the pawns' individual (non-social) recreation... Just boggles the mind, the kinds of things in this game...

    This video shows that Emus are the devil, though... Not as stupid as people think in real life either so not surprised about that great emu war...

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