The Internet Reacts To The Detective Pikachu Trailer

The Detective Pikachu movie finally has a trailer and it’s some pretty wild stuff. There’s tons of hairy Pokémon, and also Ryan Reynolds.

I don’t have many strong feelings about Pokémon, but I felt a strange chill come over me as I watched a hyper-realistic looking Pikachu speak with Deadpool’s voice. OK, I thought, we’re doing this. We’re actually doing this. Which is apparently how the rest of the internet felt, torn between amusement and existential dread. Also, fan art!

First off, Pikachu is a cop:

Folks can’t deal with these real-looking Pokémon:

The 90's Are Back:

True Detective Pikachu

Squirtle is Missing!?

And, of course, there’s fan art!émon-movie-never

Finally, the version we’ll never get:


    Pikachu with IceT in a law and order type buddy cop series could be least for a few eps.

      That was my exact same reaction.
      I need that in my life.

    Do we know the likely rating on this?


        Thank you for you prompt and extremely helpful comment
        Since you are now the leading authority on the movie do you know the classification board rating for the movie?

          Google says it's too early (the film comes out May next year), but I think its a fairly safe guess for a huge budget pokemon movie they're going to aim for PG/G

      No idea, but it's Pokemon, and there was an explosion, so I'd guess it's PG.
      I doubt they'd release a pokemon movie with a higher rating than that.

      ... Then again, if we can get a PG version of Deadpool, perhaps Ryan Renolds can swing us an R Rated cut of Detective Pikachu in the future?

    Probably the only reason they are furry is the merchandising. Plush toys. Or some kind of deal with Build a Bear workshop.

      Build a bear has been making pokemon for a while. And they are amazing quality.

    Mr Mime looks like one moment he'd be in a park miming pulling something with a rope and the next he's strangling you in the bushes with that rope.

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