The Internet Reacts To The Detective Pikachu Trailer

The Internet Reacts To The Detective Pikachu Trailer

The Detective Pikachu movie finally has a trailer and it’s some pretty wild stuff. There’s tons of hairy Pokémon, and also Ryan Reynolds.

I don’t have many strong feelings about Pokémon, but I felt a strange chill come over me as I watched a hyper-realistic looking Pikachu speak with Deadpool’s voice. OK, I thought, we’re doing this. We’re actually doing this. Which is apparently how the rest of the internet felt, torn between amusement and existential dread. Also, fan art!

First off, Pikachu is a cop:

Folks can’t deal with these real-looking Pokémon:


The 90’s Are Back:

True Detective Pikachu

Squirtle is Missing!?

And, of course, there’s fan art!émon-movie-never

Finally, the version we’ll never get:


  • Pikachu with IceT in a law and order type buddy cop series could be awesome…at least for a few eps.

      • Thank you for you prompt and extremely helpful comment
        Since you are now the leading authority on the movie do you know the classification board rating for the movie?

    • No idea, but it’s Pokemon, and there was an explosion, so I’d guess it’s PG.
      I doubt they’d release a pokemon movie with a higher rating than that.

      … Then again, if we can get a PG version of Deadpool, perhaps Ryan Renolds can swing us an R Rated cut of Detective Pikachu in the future?

  • Probably the only reason they are furry is the merchandising. Plush toys. Or some kind of deal with Build a Bear workshop.

  • Mr Mime looks like one moment he’d be in a park miming pulling something with a rope and the next he’s strangling you in the bushes with that rope.

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