The Internet Reacts To The First Look At Henry Cavill As Geralt Of Rivia

The Internet Reacts To The First Look At Henry Cavill As Geralt Of Rivia

In my opinion, Henry Cavill is out here looking like a straight up snack in the first peek as him as The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia. Other people on the internet do not agree.

Fans have been eager for a look at anything from Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher series since it was announced, especially given that they were already sceptical of Cavill’s casting, as well as the rest of the team behind it. They got a taste this morning, when Netflix released this screen test of Cavill in costume on their twitter account:

From where I stand, Cavill looks really hot as Geralt, and if I’m going to honest that’s priority number one. Other fans aren’t so sure, especially about that wig, which is pretty bad.

Kotaku’s managing editor and Witcher superfan Riley MacLeod told me that he thinks Cavill “looks like Christopher Lambert in Highlander with the concerned eyebrows and sad eyes, which isn’t the way I see Geralt, but which I’m obviously not complaining about.”

Staff writer Ethan Gach, who also loves The Witcher beyond all reason, told me that he looks like a “Zoolander villain.” Gizmodo staffers all freaked out over Cavill’s awful wig:



The wig is truly bad, but this is just a screen test. Hopefully between now and when the show airs they can figure out how to blend that hairline. Besides, Game Of Thrones’ first season clearly had about four dollars to spend on wigs, and that show turned out just fine. I do think Geralt needs a beard, though. Or at least some stubble.

While you’re waiting for more news on The Witcher TV show, take a gander at these jokes the internet has come up with.



  • Oof. That “The Witchster” men’s costume one is harsh, but spot on. I’m trying not to get too worried since this is just a costume/camera test.. but I does concern me that they are happy showing this as their big reveal. Post-production, set design etc etc will go a long way. Also, am I right in thinking this is a) based largely on the books and b) set earlier on in the Witcher narrative than what we’ve seen in the games? If so, I guess it makes sense for Geralt to be a little less rugged.

    • Also, that meme where it’s like “the manga, the anime, the netflix adaptation”? Yeah, that, but you wouldn’t even need to fudge the last panel punchline: just show this…

    • Most people only know Geralt from Witcher 3. There were two other games before that, and (I think) a dozen books. Most of those are earlier in his life. Its been stated that its from earlier than the games and that they’re looking at how he got to where we know him. That makes sense to me, but people have just assumed its going to carry on from Witcher 3 era.

      To me this is just more evidence that given a change, people will whinge. A costume test has been extrapolated out to being the Worst Thing Ever. EVAH!!! with zero consideration to context.

      • Oh, for sure. If things don’t meet peoples’ (often unreasonable) expectations, they’ll cry foul until blue in the face.

        I’m all for exploring other periods in the Witcher saga, and am happy to see source material interpreted in other ways. My biggest concern was that the quality of the wardrobe didn’t appear to be quite there, e.g. the hair looks kinda plastic and stringy. But it’s just a camera/wardrobe test, so unfair to judge too much.

        I think studios should stop premiering characters with these camera tests: the nature of these shots means that it’s not how it will look in production, and many people don’t realise that so they start to complain on all corners of the internet.

        • Its a no win situation for the studios. They have to release SOMETHING to keep interest ticking over, and when its in the early stages, this is the risk of doing that. As soon as they do, assumptions get made, opinions voiced, and we end up here.

          I dont think it matters for a moment anyway. People can have opinions now, but those opinions can very easily change, and really its going to only be significant once trailers are out there. If those sell the premise, its really not going to matter, it’ll take on a world of its own and work on its own merits.

        • maybe your overreacting this is the only material i have seen on the subject but it seems to be mostly just people poking fun at a shitty wig?

          • I think maybe my tone didn’t come across well. I was just poking fun. I’m not really concerned, I’m sure whatever they produce will look better in the context of the show. Most people seem to take issue with the wig, the lack of Witcher eyes, no beard, no scars, too pretty. Most of those people want it to look exactly like the games, and are ignoring the fact it’s not based on the games at all.

  • “From where I stand, Cavill looks really hot as Geralt, and if I’m going to honest that’s priority number one.”

    How is that even a priority? I mean Geralt was never supposed to be “hot”.

    • Exactly, Geralt is described as ugly pale and clean shaven, the cat eyes are a game invention and CDProjekt clearly used Mel Gibson as the model for the first game.
      I hope he has a distinct and unique accent, also that costume better not be the final iteration it looks… meh.

    • Actually, in the books (the Netflix version is adapting the novels directly, it seems), he is supposed to be quite attractive. Doesn’t have the scar and is much younger as well.

      Doesn’t excuse the goddamn Fabio wig though.

  • Eh it’s just a first look. I also remember they said they’re following the book, not the game. So I’ll keep that in mind. But either way I have faith they’ll do well with it.

    • yea, im sure a lot of decent budget films/TV shows would look pretty meh without all the after effects. just seeing him in costume makes me think he was a good choice.

  • I agree with the above. Surprisingly haven’t seen anyone mention his eyes though? It’s supposed to be an important identifying feature for all Witchers.

    • Right?! I mean, what are they thinking? Very odd choice, I wonder if Cavill just said nope to contact lenses.

      The hair … I mean it’s not how I envisage Geralt BUT perhaps that is influenced by how I played Witcher 3 (short mullet, loose topknot, few days worth of beard growth). If other hair/face styles were chosen, he might be closer to those.

  • I don’t mind it. I’m looking forward to the show.

    What people forget, is that the Netflix show of the Witcher is set during the times of the novels, not the video games (the video games aren’t even ‘canon’ as far as the author/creator of the Witcher is concerned). This clip is also a makeup test, so they may not have done stuff like the scarring, eyes etc. just yet.

    • thats some major overreacting gokiburi i assume you were looking forward to the series, personally i don’t care how shit it looks i won’t form an opinion till i actually watch it. i don’t really put much stock in other peoples opinions, i’m kind of an asshole huh }:S

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