The Latest Overwatch Character Is Ashe

The Latest Overwatch Character Is Ashe

Wielding shotguns that doubles as a sniper rifle, the 29th Overwatch hero brings more disruptive DPS action to the field.

The leader of the Deadlock Rebels, Ashe was first revealed (but not officially as a new hero) as part of McCree’s animated short, Reunion.

Her skillset includes a knockback with her second shotgun, the ability to throw a grenade that can be shot mid-air, and an ultimate that summons an omnic robot called Bob.

Bob has some knockback abilities that are similar to Winston’s Primal Rage, but it’s also equipped with autocannons that look a little like Orisa’s guns.

The author travelled to Blizzcon as a guest of Blizzard.


      • I was hoping for the robot aswell, which I believe is in the original Overwatch picture thing that has many unknown characters in it?

        She looks so cool.

      • From the way they talked about her, saying she’s interesting but still mysterious right now (and the fact that she left to rejoin Overwatch at the end of the video), I think it’s a safe bet she’ll be a new hero eventually.

        • But I want it now! D= *I don’t even play anymore =P)

          I’m just saying she seems a heck of a lot more interesting than Ashe who seems…well, boring.

  • Some time ago people were pointing out that most of the DLC characters were women. I kinda dismissed it originally but now…

    • My theory is that sexy skins make way more money for blizzard than say Winston skins.

      I would love to see the data on which skins make the most money for Blizzard.

      • In the absence of that, there was an unofficial poll on favourite skins done a while ago that got a few thousand votes, so I assembled that into a few lists for popularity by different criteria. It’s not scientific and it’s not official, but it might give a clue as to what’s popular at least.

        Top individual skins by vote:
        1. Moira – Blackwatch
        2. Brigitte – Shieldmaiden
        3. Ana – Snow Owl
        4. Orisa – Forest Spider
        5. Doomfist – Formal
        6. Ana – Captain Amari/Horus
        7. Mercy – Pink (charity skin)
        8. D.Va – Cruiser
        9. Zenyatta – Cultist
        10. Hanzo – Scion

        Characters with the most number of skins above 150 votes:
        1. Ana (6)
        2-6. Brigitte, D.Va, Genji, McCree, Sombra (5)
        7-14. Bastion, Hanzo, Lucio, Mercy, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Widowmaker, Zarya (4)

        Characters with the most total votes:
        1. Ana
        2. D.Va
        3. Brigitte
        4. Genji
        5. Mercy
        6. Hanzo
        7. Bastion
        8. McCree
        9. Doomfist
        10. Lucio

        Whether these skins are sexy or not I leave to your personal taste!

    • There are still more men than women in the game as of this latest release (15 to 14), so it doesn’t really sound like there’s any problem.

      • You are incorrect. Overwatch has more female characters than male.

        1. D.VA
        2. Zarya
        3. Mei
        4. Pharah
        5. Sombra
        6. Symmetra
        7. Tracer
        8. Widowmaker
        9. Ana
        10. Brigitte
        11. Mercy
        12. Moira

        And there is the upcoming Ashe, who will be the 13th.

        Lets count the males…

        1. Reinhardt
        2. Roadhog
        3. Doomfist
        4. Genji
        5. Hanzo
        6. Junkrat
        7. Mcree
        8. Reaper
        9. Soldier: 76
        10. Torbjorn

        That’s two more females, soon to be three more than the males.

        You also have an array of other characters, such as a couple Omnics and a couple animals.

        Since release they have added 4 females, 1 male, 1 omnic and 1 animal to the game. Soon enough a 5th new female will be added.

        Far from it being a male dominated game, there are more female characters for players to choose from.

        And you can see this ideology baked into the game from the beginning. They have repeatedly stressed that they wanted more diversity in their heroes, from their backgrounds to their sex, and maybe some of that even has to do with loot sales. I’m certain that more skins are sold for someone like Tracer than someone like Roadhog.

        • Your list is faulty as there are 29 characters and you’ve only listed 22, including completely missing Lucio (a launch character) altogether. Your choice to exclude omnics and animals despite both having genders is transparent cherry-picking.

          The official identifications are:

          Male (14): Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, McCree, Reaper, Soldier 76, Torbjorn, Lucio, Zenyatta, Doomfist, Wrecking Ball

          Female (14): D.Va, Zarya, Mei, Pharah, Symmetra, Tracer, Widowmaker, Mercy, Ana, Sombra, Orisa, Moira, Brigitte, Ashe

          Genderless (1): Bastion

          Further, at launch the game had 12 male, 1 genderless, and only 8 female characters so your assertion that an ‘ideology’ of diversity was present from the beginning is not supported by evidence.

          • But the increase in female characters could be a direct result of higher sales in that area

          • Sure, could be. I posted some unofficial stats further up that the top three characters for skin popularity are women, though the top eight are more evenly distributed. The other possibility is they just wanted to get the balance even. We’ll have a better idea after two more characters (not including Ashe) I suppose.

          • Just because they say “officially” that an omnic is a male, doesn’t make it a human, nor a male or female. Zenyatta has a “male voice” but that is it, same with Orisa having a “female voice”. Animals are not humans yet people for some reason count them as such. People tend to like male animal characters better but that just means that human males get excluded. This is not cherry picking, this is being realistic. With that in mind the count will now be 13 to 11. With 5 of the post release characters being female and 1 being male (and one omnic and one hamster) the post release has been decidedly female (despite the original game having 2 more males than females on release). By the way, I would much rather have a female hamster (who you don’t even see most of the time) so a new male human character could actually be released.

          • In the setting, Omnics have gender. It’s not just to do with voice, it’s something they personally adopted and it’s supported by comments like Zenyatta talking about his Omnic “brothers and sisters” in spawn room dialogue. You can disagree, but ultimately it’s their universe, they have complete say over how it works. They say Zenyatta is male, Orisa is female, so that’s what it is.

            Animals have gender both in the real world and in Overwatch, this shouldn’t even be part of the argument.

            Including Ashe, there are 14 male characters, 14 female characters and one genderless character. This isn’t ambiguous, it only becomes difficult when you try to creatively reinterpret the numbers to suit a faulty claim.

            Why do you want a new male human character specifically?

          • My apologies, I forgot to mention Lucio. Still, thats less than females and I dont count non human species as a human male/female

          • To be blunt, you could choose not to count all white-haired characters as male/female too, but it wouldn’t change the reality. The discussion was on the number of male and female characters, not the number of male and female humans. Excluding Winston, Zenyatta and Hammond is cherry picking.

          • Where are you getting the “official” information that omnics have gender? Or that the non human characters are considered male/female?

          • From Blizzard’s website material and in-game dialogue lines. I mentioned a Zenyatta line in a previous post. Blizzard refers to genderless characters (ie. Bastion) as ‘it’, but to all other Omnics as he/she, including NPCs like the female Omnic artist.

  • She looks OP but it’s her intro trailer, it’s going to show all her strengths.

    She gets many points for:
    a) The expression on McCree’s face as she punches him out of his Ultimate
    b) Her Ultimate Call: “Bob! Do something!”
    c) Bob’s hat
    d) Bob’s mustache

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