20th Century Fox Trademarks 'Alien: Blackout'

This is from the Alien 3 video game. (Image: Mobygames)

Briefly: The name "Alien: Blackout" has been trademarked by 20th Century Fox. Gematsu reports that the application for trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office specifically claims it will be used for game software. The application also mentions "on-line computer games."


    Hmmmmm maybe a PubG style game with Aliens?

    Might not be the worst thing in the world?

      Knee jerk reaction: that would be bad
      Giving it some thought: that might be cool

      Playing as the Alien in AVP2010 was the best part about AVP2010

        A game where you could be Colonial Marines, Aliens or Predators in a PubG style environment I think could actually work personally, but it'd take a LOT of balancing that's for sure.

          Oh yeah. That'd be nuts.
          Like in the aforementioned AVP2010, predators were so ridiculously OP. It was just lucky that playing as the other two races was also fun.

    Alien: Isolation sequel????????

      I would like a sequel where you play as a synthetic person. That be cool, because at some point they revolted, perhaps explore that a bit.

    For all we know, it could also be a match-3 mobile game...

    I wouldnt mind some Spanish Priest travelling with Hernan Cortez through Mezo America finding a gilded egg and taking it back to a monastary in Spain where it hatches and devastates the Monastary...it all being written off as an outbreak of the plague or the devil.

    Because it's named Alien: Blackout and not Aliens* I am hoping its the sequel to Alien: Isolation even though I gave up horror games after Outlast.

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