The Original Wasteland Is Getting A Remaster

The Original Wasteland Is Getting A Remaster

Released in 1988, the original Wasteland was a classic cRPG that tasked players with surviving the raiders and mutants left in the aftermath nuclear Cold War.

More than thirty years after the iconic RPG was released, the original creators have confirmed that they are working on a remaster of that very original.

InXile Entertainment, which crowdfunded a spiritual successor to Wasteland that earned almost $US3 million in funding, is already developing Wasteland 3. That’s due for release next year, but the company – which Microsoft recently added to their roster of studios – added on Twitter that a remaster of the original is in development, too.

InXile’s background, much like Obsidian (which was also acquired by Microsoft), has always specialised in oldschool RPGs. Their recent works haven’t been as lucky as Obsidian, mind you: Pillars of Eternity 2 was overshadowed, in sales and success, by Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Bard’s Tale IV also received mixed reviews from critics and the public, although the studio has continued to work on the game post-release.

But as Brian Fargo, the founder of InXile and creator of the original Wasteland series, explained in an interview with Eurogamer, the Microsoft acquisition has been a massive boon to InXile. “We’re getting more resources and potentially more time depending on what the project is,” Fargo said, adding that the studio was also creating a project for Microsoft that was yet to be announced.

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