What Has The 'Fix PUBG Campaign' Accomplished So Far?

Image: PUBG Corp

Briefly: The developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have posted the results of their Fix PUBG campaign. In a long post on the game's Steam page, Executive Producer Taeseok Jang highlights the game's improved stability and framerate while committing to a complementary dev roadmap in 2019.


    Too little too late. OCE/ASIA servers on XBOX are an absolute ghost town. Had to play on NA/EU servers and the lag is just horrible.

    Shame about this game. :( My favourite squad based game i have played in a long time.

      Yup I’m in the same boat, love the game and played more than any other in the last year. Haven’t been able to play on OC for the last couple of months and now they’re talking about ping based matchmaking which I think will be the final nail in the coffin ????

        Legit. I think PUBG is done on the xbox. I havent been playing much recently at all, any games to be truthful as I think I'm just not enjoying gaming as much as I used to. I play it to hang out with mates who live a distance away now.

        Im sick of the Battlefield Franchise, PUBG is dying, I might need to try and search for a different genre.

          I’ve def cut back but I still have one friend who plays so we Duo up couple times a week but we have to play NA. It’s my favourite game so I’d rather play NA than not at all. I wish they left the map choice to default random so you got what you’re given. They’re adding a fourth map next month I believe.

        Too add to that, creating more maps, options and modes to the game split the players across the board. I almost wish they'd change the maps on a monthly basis and not give the user any choice in what map they dropped in on. The player numbers were low already without having three maps to split the player base around. I reckon they've all movd onto other games now too.

        I got my moneys worth playing the game, but wish the player base stuck around. :(

    I played a couple of weeks ago for the first time in a while and the game was way, way worse than it was in "early access".
    15 FPS menus and the loading screen for the drop took so long for every player that the plane kicked them out.

    Play mobile version. Better support. Far more players. Rock solid.

      By players do you mean bots?

        Ha! Yeah, just the first two or three minutes if you jump into somewhere less spicy. In my experience it’s usually one sometimes two bots.

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