The Quiet Man Gets Mode That Adds Sound, Subtitles

When Heather wrote about The Quiet Man recently, there was a bit of a problem. Most of the game plays out without sound, and little subtitles, leaving the player almost completely in the dark.

As of this morning, however, the game has been patched with a new mode. One that adds sound and subtitles.

The Quiet Man revolves around a deaf protagonist. So when you first play the game, it's surprisingly bereft of audio cues. We've got the first 20 minutes of the game below to illustrate, although keep in mind there are some bits of dialogue that are intended to be heard or understood, so it's a little inconsistent.

Square Enix has patched the game now, however, with a mode that voices and subtitles everything as you'd normally expect from a video game. "This new experience will provide the final answers to the lingering mysteries of The Quiet Man and let players know the truth within this unique interactive experience," Square said in a release.

Heather said she "wouldn't recommend" The Quiet Man to her "worst enemy", partly from the frustration associated with how little the game wanted to communicate events. I suppose that's the point though: to remove that normal stimuli and for the player to make up their own story, and now to see how that differs from what's canon.

It's an unusual experiment either way. Typically story driven games in 2018 ship with sound and full subtitles. The Quiet Man is a bit of an odd beast, though. Check out Heather's initial experience below.

I've Almost Finished The Quiet Man And Still Have No Idea What It Is

Since hearing about it at this year's E3, I keep asking myself one question. what the hell is the The Quiet Man? Developed by Human Head Studios and Square Enix, every new trailer for the game was more confusing than the last. Now that the game is out, I finally have my answer. It is an FMV game. It is a brawler clumsier than any of the worst PlayStation 2 games. I'm glad I played it, but I also wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

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    Thats a pretty cool concept. Id play it purely for that.

    You got to respect it for taking risks. I will check it out when on sale.

    Why would they patch that in, the whole concept is super interesting to water it down would be detriment to the idea of the game.

      I think one of the issues people have had with it (beyond the derivative and repetitive gameplay) is that the game didn't commit to its gimmick. Apparently, it would break from the muted/dulled audio to make some conversations audible, not because the character could hear, but because you needed to hear what was going on as the player. They should have either committed to it and found interesting ways to tell the story without audio or just gone for full-audio from the beginning. It doesn't sound like it would have been a good game, either way–reviews I've read/watched have been unanimously bad.

        Uh righto thanks for clearing that up for me. Would have been a super unique kind of game is what I was thinking for them to back flip on their own idea, but like you pointed out if it is breaking immersion that isn't cool.

          I definitely agree that if done well it would have been a really interesting and unique perspective. I hope a game does this right at some point.

    They've Audiowashed another deaf character.

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