The Voice Of Netflix's Motown Magic Will Blow Your Mind In The Series' First Teaser

Ben, the hero of Netflix's Motown Magic. (Image: Netflix)

Whatever you're doing, you need to stop right now, plug in some headphones, and prepare yourself to be introduced to Motown Magic, Netflix's upcoming series about a young boy who brings some of the most amazing Motown songs to life with the power of his voice and a little bit of, well, magic.

Motown Magic tells the story of Ben, an eight-year-old kid from the series' titular town, who gains the magical ability to manifest art into living beings after he stumbles across an enchanted paintbrush called the Master Piece.

As its title suggests, Motown Magic revolves around the music of Berry Gordy Jr.'s Motown, and each episode features a different song performed by the show's cast. In the series' first teaser trailer, we're introduced to Zacary James, who voices Ben, and treated to a downright incredible taste of his cover of The Jackson 5's "ABC."

Despite the fact that Motown Magic is going to be aimed at kids, it's more than likely that when the series drops on November 20, we're all going to be bopping our heads along and having a damned good time.


    Holy crap that voice :-|

      Don't forget, MJ himself was about that age when he was blowing everyone away with his voice.

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