The Wii Is Gone But The Nintendo Wii Shop Music Lives On

The Wii Is Gone But The Nintendo Wii Shop Music Lives On
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The Nintendo Wii may be a few generations behind the current entertainment craze, there is still one element that lives on in the hearts of every Nintendo fan – the Wii Shop Music.

Last year we said goodbye to our fair prince and the internet has responded by memorialising the tune in every which way they can.

Is there anything in the world catchyier than this banging tune from the Nintendo Wii Shop? Honestly the phat beats are off the charts. While we’ve already posted a homage to the Wii Shop music, everyone can agree that two years is long enough for a fresh round of beats.

Original Wii Shop Channel Music

Here are our new best of the internet’s mash ups in the wake of the Wii Shop’s removal on 31 January, 2019.

Wii Shop Bling

Wii Shop Bongo Cat

Wii Shop Sad Guys In Masks

The best of all imagines just how the Wii Shop Music would be if it were on the Nintendo Switch… and also sung by Earth Wind & Fire.

Earth, Wii & Fire

While we are at it why not spare a thought for the Mii Channel music? Some of the most ridiculous and hideous creatures in existence were made to these chill sounds so why not return to the creative space in which you designed the terror that still haunts my nightmares.

Mii Channel Music

Mii Channel Music But With Uncomfortably Long Pauses


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