The World Record For Highest Xbox Gamerscore Is Now Two Million

The World Record For Highest Xbox Gamerscore Is Now Two Million

Ray Cox, known in the gaming world as Stallion83, previously held the world record for being the first person to get 1 million points in Xbox achievements. Yesterday, he beat his own record by bringing his Gamerscore to 2 million.

Cox streamed the achievement on Twitch, which he completed by playing Halo 2 from the Master Chief collection. He told Guinness World Records, “Halo is my favourite [sic] franchise so when I fired it (Halo: The Master Chief Collection) up while searching for a game, it hit me that it should be the game I use.”

Cox got his first Xbox achievement on November 22, 2005, he told Guinness. According to his Twitter, that achievement was for “unlocking Cluster Buster in Hexic HD.” In 2014 he became the first person to attain 1 million points, earning himself a lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership in the process.

Cox told Guinness that he’s not sure if he’ll go for 3 million points, but said, “I’ll always love video games and achievements and I’ll always be playing and going for them.”

You can watch the whole stream here (if you have 8 hours to spare).


  • How does he even provide for his family and stuff? I mean its impressive but I reckon even the most seasoned gamer would get tired of hunting achievements.

    • His wife is a nurse and they have no children so guessing she is the sole provider. He used to have sponsorships but not sure on that anymore. I am guessing he gets alot of free games from the indie developers which nowadays is a heap of very fast points. His second million was twice as fast as the first which if anything that should show that games are now quicker for the 1000g than previously (on average anyway)

  • Hey Kotaku writers I wish you guys did a few stories on some Australian gamerscore people. We have a guy in 6th place overall and another just inside the top 20. By maybe this time next year we will have another over 1 million (me) which will be our 3rd. Not too many countries have 3 gamerscore millionaires. We also have two people left in a competition for starting a brand new game every single day and popping at least one achievement in it which is now at day 2096. There are also two who won back to back team gamerscore competition that went for an entire year (most points elimination style, then came 5th the third year) Also a team of four Australians hold the record for most gamerscore on a new tag in 24 hours, which was close to 30,0000. There are several of us representing on the world stage.

  • I pretty much grew up on the Xbox and have been loyal to MS ever since. I had the 360 preordered and the second I plugged that baby in I was hooked on the achievement aspect. I was a freak when came to the ‘cheevos’, gettibg my first 30k in a little under a month, although admittedly cheevos were easier to get in the earlier games. I had the time to game, I spent roughly 15 hours min on the console, solely for the achievements. I would race my friends for them just for fun, I used to think “screw playing the games for the graphics or canpaign”. The thing is, I was good at achievement hunting, I wouldn’t screw around for 10 hours trying to get just 30gs, every little bit DOESN’T count if your aim is to rack up the points and not go for 100%. Despite how good I was at getting them, I was only up to my 200k mark spread across two accounts when some guy reached the 1mil mark and I had heard the news a few years ago.

    It literally made no sense to me. We started gaming at the same time, and I seemingly spent more time gaming when compared to the victors stories, not only that but he wastes time going for 100%…

    But then again when you really think about it, most of my friends have 1000s of gamerscore points racked up by just hopping onto a modded multiplayer match in call of duty, red dead and halo etc.

  • Unless you just play any old crap, I don’t see how this would be enjoyable. It seems he’s just ploughing through games for the sake of a number, and I highly doubt he’s getting any joy from the games he’s playing since he’d have to play games he doesn’t even like

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