This Easy To Exploit Bug In Fallout 76 Gives You Unlimited Carry Weight

So ... Fallout 76. Along with being a disappointing, albeit multiplayer, follow-up to Fallout 4 — itself a bit lame compared to New Vegas — Bethesda's return to the post-apocalyptic genre has been buggy. Super buggy. Which is annoying when you're playing by yourself, but when there are others around? Oh boy. One recent (and supposedly patched) bug allows pretty much anyone to have infinite carrying capacity. Want to lug around 239 pieces of power armour? No probs!

You can see the exploit in action in the video above from YouTube channel "RGD5IMPACT". It's just one of many clips showing off how it works.

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I won't go into specifics, other than to say it involves pocketed armour and a repeated action. Eventually, your max carry weight enters the negatives, apparently bugging out the game's ability to flag your character as over-encumbered.

From there, you can carry whatever you want without the associated penalties.

Note that logging out will reset things, so you'll need to repeat the exploit every time you play. I think we can all agree it's a minor annoyance compared to the benefits.

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Fallout 76 - UNLIMITED Carry Weight Glitch! After Patch! (In Depth Tutorial) [YouTube]


    "I don't know how this glitch got past Bethesda"

    A glitch got past Bethesda?

    NO WAY!

    "itself a bit lame compared to New Vegas" I don't think you needed to add that, Fallout 4 was a great game. I'll probably get around to playing New Vega eventually if they ever bother to make it work on Windows 10. But Fallout 4 was a good.

    76 tho sounds pretty awful so I'm going to avoid it. I mean I like collecting stuff and building stuff but... if it's just going to disappear and the carry limit is tiny and there are no ai people to interact with outside quest giver bots and there's a tonne of bugs well... I'll wait and see how they patch it.

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      You've fallen for all of the fake news going around on the game. What you build doesn't disappear. I've had my CAMP in the same spot for the last week, server hopped dozens of times and not once has it ever vanished on me...and if It does it goes into storage and I can place it back down with my blueprints.

      The stash limit isn't huge but it's workable. You just can't hoard everything like you could in Fallout 4. I like it in some ways because it forces me to only keep important things but in others it can be annoying doing inventory management. Like I said, it's workable...they're also going to patch in a stash size increase at some point.

      There are also quite a number of AI NPCs. Just no human ones. Plenty of them act as you'd expect a human NPC to act, you don't get dialogue options but lets face it most of those boil down to clicking through the menu of options until you've heard everything they say anyway.

      The reason for no human NPCs ties in with the story as well. It's a different story that I've never experienced in a game before. Could sum it up as a game where the hero (player) never arrived so all the NPCs were left to their fate rather than being saved. You get small patches of that in other games but never such a huge commitment to it. It's different and I'm enjoying it.

        Happy your enjoying it but your the exception, even tjen ypu have to admit its flawed on so many levels that Bethesda releasing this so early in such a state was inexcussable for mist players. After how well Fallout 4 was released this is a massive step backwards.

        Being a fan... also means telling the creators they can do better. For the sake of F5, ES6 and Starfield... a lot better.

        fake news! Seriously when reviewers and analyst are a consensus that this is a mess... SkillUp and Australian reviewer summed this game up to the point. You can find fun in it, but you and bethesda can do better than this. That he is grateful it exists cause it may force AAA developers to do better!

          I'm not the exception. Don't have to look far to find people enjoying it.

          It also has bugs, yes, and many of them but most of them don't interfere with gameplay much just like the majority of Bethesda games. As for the other flaws people throw up like multiplayer/npcs/story etc I explained some of that above but most of those points are either exaggerated, straight out wrong or just a matter of opinion that they don't like it (which is fine).

          Fallout 4 release was hardly well received. I remember the huge outcries about how dumbed down the dialogue was, that it was a decent game but not a good "fallout game". how can you forget that? Plus comments about its bugs's the same thing for every Fallout game at release.

          And yes, fake news because as I said it my post above and gave examples of a lot of what is being thrown around as what happens in game is just a straight out lie. Have you played it? I have.

            So because you found a single instance of a misleading claim, All the reviews are fake news according to you?

            Calling something fake news because you disagree with it doesn't make you look smart. It makes you intellectually dishonest.

            The reviews are consistent on this game. Its not good. You can like it all you want, That's fine. Its great that you do. But your good experience does not invalidate the bad ones the majority of critics have had.

              A single instance? Holy crap man the instances where people lie are everywhere. A lot of the problems come from people not knowing how to play the damn game or ignoring mechanics and calling it a bug. For anyone who has played it it's extremely obvious and makes the reviewer look like an absolute idiot yet others who know nothing about the game believe them. There's a review from Kotaku on here about fighting some dogs and holy crap did the author just do a string of dumb decisions and then blame it on the game. Yes that's 1 example but I'm not going to sit here and give you another 50.

              The game does have problems, yes. I'll never say otherwise. There are some genuine reviews out there that do point out the good and the bad in an objective way and I've upvoted the crap out of them. The majority of reviews go into lies and half-truths and are done by people with 10-15 hours in the game that have barely scratched the surface and decide that therefore the entire game is like the experience they just had.

              Fake news is when the news lies. There is a lot of fake news on this game. How can you identify whether what you're reading is fake news or not if you haven't played the game? You have no way to figure it out for yourself and all you have to go on are other reviews, the majority of which have at least some fake news in them.

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                I have to agree with Xenoun here.
                I am a long term Fallout player and have played every single iteration for a lot of hours. I LOVED NV, but also enjoyed FO4. When I heard 76 was online I was put off and my bias meant I took great pleasure out of reading how crap it was.

                But then a mate of mine said he was playing it and I had a multiplayer bug so I gave it a go.

                It is great fun. There are flaws, absolutely, as there are in all their games, but they seem dedicated to fixing them.
                I have been dropped out of servers randomly, lost my team mates, lost entire workplaces I have been building, had strange random things happen, had a group of ghouls 20 levels higher than me spawn around me and even been logged in to a location where a nuclear blast is literally happening, so that I crispy fried before I even knew what was going on....

                BUT, I have had amazing encounters, lots of laughs, been saved by a random clown from getting stomped by Super Mutants, fought off that same pack of ghouls by running to another players fortress and begging for help and more. The game is FUN

                So try to look past your internal and historical bias (which I had also possessed in spades) and just look at it as a new entry into the Fallout universe, that may not meet your exact specs but still offers a lot.

                Oh, i get it now.

                You don't like it when people say negative things about your favourite toy so you resort to trump style arguments in a vain attempt to dismiss them. "I dont like this opinion therefore its fake news because of im intellectually dishonest!"

                Keep on believing that anyone takes your views seriously when you resort to the tactics of the orangutan currently in charge of the white house.


                There isn't any fake news on this game, You just are just being an overly defensive fanboy who can't handle anything negative being said about the game. Grow up.

                  Thing is I'm not a fanboy. I do like this game though and I'll admit all the negative attention bugs me a bit.

                  There are plenty of things wrong with the game and it deserves criticism. I myself have criticized many aspects of it. What it doesn't deserve is people lying and saying problems exist that don't or over exaggerating smaller issues.

                  Go ahead and troll all you like though.

              Everyone's a critic these days, but actually trusting a reviewer when I don't know thanks. I'll make up my own mind based on my experiences, my knowledge and my own eyes.

              I have not read a review in years and I do not think there's a honest, unbiased review out there.

                I have not read a review in years

                I do not think there's a honest, unbiased review out there.

                How on earth can you proclaim such a thing given you haven't actually read any reviews in years?

                "I still think this apple tastes like an orange!"
                "I haven't actually tried an apple is years but i know they taste like oranges just because i say so!"

        I've had my camp disappear. It only happens if someone else on the server you load into already has a camp there, I think. It saves the building you made, but good luck finding the same level open space to place it in. It also gives you each individual part back, so I just rebuilt my house but better because I had more materials then.

          I'm well aware how the mechanic works. Was just meaning that people saying your stuff always disappears are either exaggerating or building in an extremely common spot. There are also plenty of tricks on re-placing the camp again on the same spot. Personally I blueprinted my entire building except for the foundations. When I want to move it I manually place the foundations and then my blueprint snaps onto it. Takes me 2 minutes....I spend longer trying to avoid any trees or weeds clipping into my house.

          Bethesda have also announced an upcoming patch to warn you about your camp conflicting with others and are also introducing a bulldoze feature so you can remove the detritus in your camp...they've basically just solved the main problems. Patch is coming on either 4th or 11th Dec...I forget which (there are 2 patches incoming that they've given details on)

      I enjoy it, but it's important to make sure your expectations are set correctly. Fallout 76 is not a main sequence Fallout RPG, it's not an MMO, it's not a free-for-all trollfest. It's a multiplayer exploration shooter with survival and basebuilding elements but nothing too complicated. It's for the most part a discovered story, though there are a number of participatory parts to it. There are bugs, more than your average modern game but fewer than people say it has. The lack of human NPCs isn't a technical problem like a lot of people seem to allege. It's a deliberate narrative choice whose reasons are uncovered as you play.

      It's not for everyone, but I've really enjoyed it and even if I hit a wall and stopped playing right now, the 50 odd hours I've put in so far were worth what I paid for it, to me. Definitely research the game, but do take criticism with a grain of salt as there's a negativity bandwagon surrounding the game and there's a lot of criticism that's just invented and isn't actually applicable. There's also plenty of good solid criticism of things Bethesda should improve. It can be hard to fish out the legit criticism from the made up stuff so I'm happy to answer any direct questions you have, as I imagine xenoun is and you might even be able to get a response from Alex Walker, who I suspect has a dimmer view of the game than I do but still has rational criticism to offer.

        I haven't played it yet, but the various posts I've seen on it have been negative solely because the player seemed to want Fallout New Vegas Online, and didn't get it. Then go out of their way to justify why the game not giving them something it never promised makes it the worst thing ever. EVAH!!

        This isn't the first time an entitled opinion has been prevalent when a game has never promised what they wanted. Summary for me is that Bethesda have tried something new, and the simple fact they did is what people are whinging about. How dare they not give New Vegas 2!!!

          That's generally my feeling on it too. Which isn't to say there aren't problems, just that the problems it has are being exaggerated somewhat and then the exaggerations are parroted as baseline fact and it gets a bit of an echo chamber amplification thing going on.

          I want Bethesda to keep supporting and improving the game, but I imagine it must be hard for them to filter through the nonsense that's drowning out the actual rational feedback.

          That might be the case for the 'user reviews' from the users who haven't actually played the game, firebombing metacritic just because they can, but after reading numerous REAL reviews from actual critics, I don't think that's a fair assessment of the reason it's sitting at a 50/100 rating.

          There are some real, valid, and deep complaints about how the game goes about business, and not just the (frankly, to be expected) bugs that they can probably solved over the coming months. Complaints that can't summarily be dismissed as, "Oh, you just wanted something that it never promised it would be."

      I always thought New Vegas was pretty over-rated. The story was good but the crafting and equipment system sucked. Fallout 4 (and 76) were both big improvements in that regard. I barely even bothered with crafting in new vegas other than the constant repairs that were forced upon you. In the more recent games I actually enjoy crafting.

      A lot of the complaints I've seen about Fallout 76 come down to play style. Lack of quests etc. I love the freedom to go wherever you want. Yeah there are quests. Just not given by NPCs with cheesy dialogue. There are legitimate complaints about bugs and a few other gameplay issues but a lot of the complaints I think are pretty baseless.

    I've never purposefully abused a glitch in a game before, not in 32 years of PC gaming. But I might abuse this one, because it's that stupid and I'd already noticed my carry weight numbers go down when changing pocketed armour around.

    Yeah I couldn't figure out why my carry weight was going down, now I know...

    I've started using this...but mainly just so I can fast travel instead of hunting for a crafting bench. Makes things so much easier...especially when you come out a cave in the high level area of the map and don't want to treck through the entire zone while over encumbered and try to avoid 3 scorchbeasts that are flying around.

    Another drawback worth mentioning is this doesn't work in power armour unless you go further into negatives. Power armour adds strength to give you more carry capacity so you need to drop more negative if you want it to work there too.

      I've found most places in the Cranberry Bog with items worth loading up on also tend to have crafting stations littered around. The exit to Glassed Caverns or whatever it's called has a very conveniently placed weapon station which was invaluable.

        Yeah, Glassed Caverns is the one I was talking about. That place bugged the hell out for me too, the one and only experience I've had with bugs causing me real problems with the game.

        By the time I left there though I was full on junk and also had 2 Tesla Rifles I didn't want to scrap which put me over weight.

          There are some surprising sources of weight that are worth looking into if you haven't already. Bobby pins are much heavier than they should be, I suspect someone forgot to add an extra zero or two. Make sure you only carry 10-20 at a time, you'll never need more.

          If you're not running Travelling Pharmacy (and you shouldn't, really), you definitely want to be offloading excess Rad-X and Radaway because they add up weight like crazy. IMO it's also better to dilute all stims and use First Aid 3 to make them doubly effective instead, because diluted stims only weigh 0.2 while normal ones weigh 0.4 (supers are 0.6 which is 50% heavier than a normal but is doubly effective, so they're worth holding on to).

          When I ditched the food weight reduction perk to make way for combat perks I also got a bit of a rude shock there at how heavy food and drink really are. Boiled water by default is 0.5 each so just carrying 20 of them around takes up 10lb of your capacity.

          I'm sure it goes without saying considering the stage of the game you're at too, but always scrap your junk every time you see a crafting station. It almost always shaves a few pounds off.

          My last bit of advice also is this: don't hoard scrap. It was smart to do that in Fallout 4 but here where the stash has a capacity limit you can find common shit like cloth eating up an enormous chunk of your capacity. My general rule now is unless it's something I know I use a lot (steel, lead, aluminium) or things that are just straight up valuable (screws, springs, gears), I never keep more than 300 of that thing. Don't bother bulking them as that doesn't save weight for anything except lead and aluminium, just drop them. Sell spare chems for caps instead, you get better bang for buck.

            Yeah, I'm well aware of where all my weight is. I generally have 10 bobby pins on me, a max of 20 in stash as backup. I don't carry more than 10 stim packs, 5 rad aways and 2 rad-x.

            I don't ever have boiled water...i'm drowning in purified water but i think those are 0.5 too. again though I keep numbers of those and my preferred food to a minimum.

            And again...junk I offload the excess as bulk and sell it. If I'm gonna drop it anyway I might as well make some caps off it.

            You also forgot to mention limiting ammo storage but yeah I do that too.

            Suffice it to say that at this point of the game I know how to manage my inventory. Still doesn't stop me from being overloaded after running around for a while without going back after each area to drop off my stuff, do crafting, inventory management and slow down the pace of the game.

              Ammo's much less of a problem than the other things because it's lighter than even most scrap. At 0.003 to 0.001 it takes a 300-1000 just to weigh a pound, whereas most scrap bottoms out at 0.01 which is 10 times heavier per unit. It is a good idea to keep an eye on ammo weight though and don't hoard the stuff too much.

              You seem defensive about your inventory management skills, but you commented earlier you're deliberately using a carry weight exploit so you must be having some trouble with it. I use a gatling laser, pump shotgun, sniper rifle and super sledge as my regular loadout, only two weight perks (Bear Hands and Batteries Included) and I don't have weight problems unless I'm specifically lugging a dozen weapons to a station to scrap. The things above are what I do to keep my capacity at least 50lb free all other times. I don't know what you do or don't already know, if you don't like being offered tips then I'll just leave you to struggle and cheat on your own next time.

                You missed a couple of key lines in what I said above that explains the weight issue.

                I was full on junk and also had 2 Tesla Rifles I didn't want to scrap which put me over weight.

                doesn't stop me from being overloaded after running around for a while without going back after each area to drop off my stuff, do crafting, inventory management and slow down the pace of the game.

                I only run into these problems when I've been questing for a while, done a bunch of stuff and end up carrying a lot of (scrapped) junk, however because I don't run into a stash box out in the while I can't drop it off....and every few trips back to my stash I need to do inventory management to clear excess junk etc regardless. It slows the game down and isn't fun so I end up trying to avoid it.

                Ammo weight does matter if you hoard 1000 of it...not all of it is 0.005 etc either, stuff like 0.5 ball are 0.1 each, then there's missiles, nukes and some other ammo that's around 0.1 each too. I don't have any missiles or nukes in storage at all due to their weight.

                You seem to have taken offense to my earlier reply. I didn't write that intending to offend, just showing that, yes I do manage my inventory. I think everyone that's played 15+ hours has hit inventory problems by that stage and learns how to deal with it.

                The cheating/bug exploiting I do is relatively minor and purely to make the game more fun rather than giving myself the ability to carry 1000's of lbs of weight like some on Reddit have commented they do. I'm just using it to extend the periods between where I have to do inventory management of my stash.

                  It's easy to misread people on the internet. I was just offering help by what I've learned over both playing and studying the game, especially as I don't think some of it is obvious or necessarily intuitive. Your reply kinda came across as a slap of the offered hand, so to speak. It wasn't intended so it's all good, and perhaps others reading the thread will find something valuable in what I wrote.

                  Speaking of which, in case anyone is reading this and struggling with weight, there are a few types of food that increase carry weight that are great for getting around situations like this where you're stuck miles from a stash with excess weight. Grilled Radstag adds +20, there's at least one other that has an increase (deathclaw maybe? Hmm..I forget) that does stack, and Buffout adds +2 strength which gives +10 capacity. Alcohol does too, but I don't suggest carrying it because it's dead weight the rest of the time. Temp buffs are all great for getting enough capacity to just fast travel back to camp.

    I've never understood why developers continue to insist on forcing a tight-arse inventory on players. Seriously, If I wanted to play Inventory Manager 76 I'd play Tetris or something, not a loot based shooter.

    Who ever thought that having to decide whether that piece of junk that just dropped might be useful to unlock some random corridor, or craft some epic loot, a long way down the track needs to get out of the fun industry and take up economics or accounting or actuarial studies something.

    First mod I install every time unlocks inventory restrictions.

      Carry weight is a realism element, some people enjoy it and some don't. For a survival game, it would certainly be the exception rather than the rule to just have unlimited carry capacity. Just like you have to make choices about your stats because there's a limited number of points, you have to make choices about your inventory because there's a limited amount you can carry. It's not an inherently bad thing, it's just a mechanic you evidently dislike (and that's fine!)

      That said, there's nothing in Fallout 76 you can obtain at the start of the game that you can't obtain as easily (if not moreso) later in the game. With your character planning (stats and perks) you have to plan ahead, but you don't have to do that at all with inventory. Grab what you need now, worry about anything you're missing later, and don't be afraid to drop or scrap things that aren't of immediate or short-term use.

        Carrying around 10 pieces of armour, 20 guns, armfuls of food and a whole bunch of miscellany is realism? If you can figure out a storage system that lets you carry so many bulky items at once I'm sure you've already solved the weight problems...

          Realism is a scale, not a binary yes/no thing. Carry weight shifts the scale towards the realism side. Obviously some concessions are made to avoid excess complexity; bulkiness and shape of items tends to only really work in grid-based inventory systems.

          Your reply seems to imply that because it's not flawlessly realistic means it shouldn't bother with any type of realism at all, which if that's your position then I think it's a silly one.

      Bethesda games always bring out my inner kleptomaniac, turning me into a compulsive hoarder (who knows if a recipe or quest I'll get down the road might require 700x brooms?!), and mods which remove carry weight are pretty much always the first mods I install in just about any game where it's possible.

      I understand the place of such a thing, but I also understand that I personally enjoy games more without it, so I appreciate when the ability to free myself from that restriction is available.

      Yet another reason that I won't be touching FO76 until there's private servers. I'll get it when I can mod the following things: no carry-weight, improved/less-restrictive (admittedly more OP) perk system/no level cap/whatever, human NPCs, PVE-only, VATS slows time again, and bobble heads/magazines confer permanent bonuses, not timed bonuses.

      Without those, fuck it, I don't give a shit. It's a real shame hearing people talk about the cool 'discovered stories' they're finding and some of the prettier parts of the world, but it comes bundled with so much garbage. I feel for the folks who did all that good work, only to have it buried under all the negatives.

        How would VATS slowing down time even work for a game like Fallout 76 though? What would the other players see when you initiate it? Does everyone enter VATS once one person does? Do all the enemies slow down for the other players too? Do other players' movement slow down when one enteres VATS?

        One game I've played with a time slowing mechanic and multi-player elements was Watch Dogs 1. In that game, their solution was to simply disable the time slowing ability when other players invaded your session. In fact, this was a good way of detecting whether anyone else was in the game world with you.

          On a private server where I'm only going to play with my fiancee and maybe one or two others at the absolute most, I don't have any problem with someone's VATS slowing down time for everyone else.

          In a game with randoms it'd likely be a griefing mechanism, (hell, probably even in a small group of friends), but from everything I've seen in streams of how VATS works now (or rather, doesn't), it seems like a pretty worthwhile trade-off. Especially if playing solo, but wanting to experience that fallout lore/flavour that 76 apparently has.

          For co-op, hopefully by the time that rolls around, modders will also be able to do something with shared/persistent camps, too. The current implementation is pretty lacklustre.

        VATS slow down in multiplayer is impossible without slowing everyone down. Remember there's PvP as well PvE so when you hit VATS on a player it has to slow them down....and then what if they hit VATS on you at the same time. Even PvE only how does you hitting on VATS look like to other players if there's slowdown? Sounds more like you want singleplayer.

        As for level cap there isn't one. I saw a level 133 player yesterday. Do you mean being able to cap all stats or no stat cap? That would be very OP.

          Sorry, I should have put more emphasis on the 'private server' part. See my answer to James above: PVE only is the only way I'm ever playing this, and with private servers, my intention is to never play with randoms either.

          Those are the circumstances where I'd be using a time-slowing VATS again.

          Whatever private servers and mods can do to create a co-op fallout as close as possible to the earlier games is what it will take for me to get on-board. I'm very much not into the social experiment that they've started with.

          They've stated their intention is to eventually make it possible for us all to have our own version of what the game should be, but I do have to wonder how limited mods are going to be. My ideal scenario is that they put more resources into Fallout 5, and take the lessons learned from 76 to make what we've been calling for, for years: a co-op RPG.

            So on the private server you'd still have multiplayer, even if it's just a few others you know? So how do you envision VATS? Everyone gets slowed down? For me that would be annoying as all hell.

            I'm using VATS frequently in Fallout 76 (non-auto rifle + Luck/VATS build) and I'm absolutely destroying with it. Able to hit headshots on things that surprise me coming around a corner and do it faster than manual aiming.

              Absolutely - I really don't mind if my partner is flicking VATS on and off and it results in my time being slowed. Hell, it could even give me time to line up a shot. Only possible annoyance is using it as radar, like I mentioned in the other post. But a mod could probably do that better - make it so that perception actually works out of combat instead of just when in combat. (That was always a frustrating design decision, even in 4.)

              Re, 'destroying with VATS': The folks I've watched streaming must suck balls. Besides the thing looking janky when firing at multiple targets, what's your technique for doing it well? Muscle memory so that activation ties in with targeting the specific body part eg: head-only? Flicking it briefly on like an old-school noob-tube scope-flick, to minimize the time spent vulnerable? Stat-choices so that the percentage is always high, so that you're just relying on luck and a high percentage instead of trying to make some meaningful assessment on the fly which is heavily dependent on ageing reaction time?

                Pretty sure VATS accuracy is dependent on Perception and mine is maxed - that comes from the non-auto rifle part of my build.

                Beyond that VATS just plain isn't janky at all and works quite well. I hit Q, vats comes up - defaults to body shot. If I want a head shot I flick my mouse wheel down 1 notch and the head is targeted. Works the same on every single mob. I target the head faster and more consistently with VATS than I can manually. Not that I can't pull off some fast head shots without it, just VATS is superior for consistency.

                Accuracy is also heavily based on range, so the stats of your weapon and how you've modded it come into account, same as any other Fallout game. I know without bringing it up what percentage hit chance I'm likely to have just by judging how far away the enemy is.

                Beyond just normal VATS targeting though the luck side of my build is all about crits. If I'm wanting to put out some strong damage I build crits fast with something like a combat rifle then switch to a sniper or black powder rifle, hit the crit button and nail that head shot. It's extremely powerful and lets me destroy enemies double my own level.

                TBH there's 2 versions of Fallout 76. The one I see in negative reviews and their videos where they do nothing but highlight bad things, whether real or just their own stupidity and then the other version is the game I see when I play it myself. In that version the problems are small and rare and it plays pretty well. It has teething issues and bugs but I expect most of them to be ironed out in the next couple months.

                I'd suggest watching people who actually know how to play Fallout and play it well. People like Manyatruenerd or Oxhorn or any other popular Fallout players who know the previous games inside and out. Fallout 76 does very little to teach you the mechanics properly but if you know them from previous games all of those skills transfer very well.

    My lord, that quest list on the right! I'm assuming you can track/untrack whatever you want, and this person has chosen to track a lot, but it's doing my head in

      It automatically tracks everything and you tend to pick up new quests automatically as well when you enter areas/pick up an item/read a note/etc...

      You can untrack things in your PipBoy though if you want to drop the clutter. Something I should do myself. I did an event last night and had no idea what I was meant to defend because the Icons don't appear on your hud unless you're *very* close to the objective and my compass had about 20 markers on it.

        Untracking anything you like is nice, but I'd also like them to reduce the font size for that list and have it cap just above the hunger/thirst bars. It can get a bit annoying when you've picked up a bunch of quests and then you can't really see how thirsty you are because the text sits on top.

          I've noticed that... capping the width would be nice too. I've had some extra-long objectives overlap terminals I've been trying to read, which is a bit annoying.

        (Not to mention that going through the process of trying to untrack anything involves making sure you're in a safe place for the few minutes it's going to take for you to wrestle with the UI and actually do it. Preferably in an area that you cleared out less than ten minutes ago, to avoid enemies spawning directly on top of you.)

          I untrack things all the time, takes about 10-20 seconds to clear my quest list up. I worry more about the area being clear of enemies when I loot than I do for sorting quests out. I'm also accustomed to doing this from playing MMOs. They throw quests at you too and the same thing happens.

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