This Freaking Thing Right Here

I just picked up one of those snazzy PlayStation 4 Slim Spider-Man bundles. It comes with the console, a controller, a copy of Spider-Man, USB, HDMI and power cables and a small piece of audio garbage no one needs.

I can't believe Sony is still including this stupid little mono monstrosity with its console. Back when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were getting started, the uncomfortable ear bud was better than the nothing Microsoft included with its console (Kinect would have been jealous and revolted).

Now? It's rubbish. I pulled everything out of the PS4 box, sorted it neatly, and then tossed the headset in the garbage can.

Generic Diet Mountain Dew is better than the PS4 headset.

And then I fished it back out to take pictures and cast shade upon it. Anyone still using this thing?


    The first time I bought a PS4, I stared at it for a few minutes, and I was certain that I had received a defective headset with a too-short cable and one missing ear piece. As much as I enjoy the rest of the playstation hardware, this “ear phone” was so terrible that I honestly felt that it was better off not being included.

    I brought a PS4 pro a few months back and only yesterday, as I was cleaning my room, did I find this ear piece. I chuckled and immediately threw it in the bin.

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    For way to long I used that for game audio in one ear and Spotify in another from my phone.

    It took weeks for me to realize i could just plug my good earphones in the controller and run Spotify through the console

      I may have done the same if it actually stayed in for more than 5 sec before sliding out.

    I'm still coming to grips with the fact that you have a can of soft drink on your laptop keyboard!

    What a load of crap - i got a headset with my launch xbox one console, and the other I've bought since.

    These are great for people who don't have the spare money to buy a good headset straight after purchasing a console and want to be able to chat with their friends. Does a great job if you just run chat audio through it.

    Presumably the main point of including the cheap headset was so that game developers could work on the assumption that "every customer has the hardware necessary to do voice chat". The fact that there are better options available doesn't really matter.

      That was my takeaway as well. It was there just so there was something.

      Mine came out of the box and was stuck in a drawer, where presumably it still sits along with every other useless cable included as a stock option. Not something I plan on using, but its still there (somewhere) if theres a need for it.

    Sad but true, I still actually use mine! Admittedly I don't play online heaps and it's usually with close friends doing something co-op but it works for me to have only 1 ear in the game and 1 out in case I need to hear kids calling at night.

    I suppose if I actually did play online all the time I'd invest in something better, but if all I'm caring about is someone talking to me occasionally, it's doing the job I need!

    I still use mine... I have an expensive ($500+) headset for my PC, but when it comes to PS4 I rarely need to use a mic. It's only during the odd game of World of Tanks where I might need to plug it in towards the end of the match in order to coordinate with another player / triangulate our location.

    It's naive to think this is for anything but chat audio. The vast majority of people will run sound through their TV, the mono headset is perfect for communicating at the same time with mates.

    It's clear now why there were so many idiots in Destiny Raids without comm's!

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