Trying To Appeal To Japan, Game Changes Character Art 

Image: daitopi

To appeal to Japanese players, the Chinese-developed smartphone game Daikoukai Utopia Golden Age Voyage is getting new character art.

According to the game’s official Twitter, the character art is going to be switched out for designs mostly by the Japanese illustrator known as Cheese Pan (Cheese Bread). Forty characters already have new illustrations.

Here are some of Cheese Pan’s new character designs:

Below, you can see how the different art styles clash:

The game’s official site added that there are still characters who have yet to get makeovers and it will take a little longer to switch them all out.

Interestingly, some players in Japan complained about the change and said they preferred the original art. According to the game’s official Twitter, players will be able to select between both art styles.


    Why not have a story about the changes Blizzard are doing to Diablo for China, in regards to Diablo Immortal.
    They have completely removed any black characters. Tyrael in Diablo 3 is turned into a human and is a black man. Awesome.
    In Diablo Immortal he is also in his human form (which makes no sense because the game is set before D3) but suddenly he is white. Umm what?
    Oh and the only D3 class not playable in Immortal, the voodoo inspired Witch Doctor.

      Yes, pandering to Chinese culture’s dubious cultural values are not what the world needs.

      Tyrael is an Angle that has taken Human Form. As such, you would think he could make him self look like anyone. And given hes the only black character in all of D3 (or at least I do not remember any others) his blackness is basically tokenism in the first place, so it dose not really matter as, ether way, Blizz are pandering.

        So including anyone with a skin color other than white in a video game is "Pandering"?

        Do you wear a white hood and burn crosses on the weekend?

          Hah, no this guy is probably too lame even for that level of degenaracy, probably a 4chan lives in mothers basement and is an incel racist rather than hood and crosses racist

          Remeber, the racists can always be even more pathetic than you thought

      Is there a link to the white Tyrael? Would like to see

    More choice is rarely a bad thing. This is a pretty good way to broaden your market appeal.

    I am what you would call an anime fan but I prefer the original art than the anime style. It was also the same with Stranger From Sword City, I much preferred the original style to the anime style and not just from the viewpoint that it fit the game's aesthetic better. They just looked a heck of a lot nicer.

    It would be interesting to have an article at some point doing a comparison and analysis of Chinese vs. Japanese vs. Korean art styles when it comes to games and concept art. (eg. Magna Carta vs. Tales Games)

    You'd think the unique art style is what would set them apart from the sea of anime characters, and that would be a good thing.

    Gotta be honest, those new designs suck, they're all gross big-tittied trash. The original art was much much better, the whole idea of changing it is stupid.

    If I could watch nightly news in anime form, I would

      Sure. With bigger eyes, you'd be able to see so much more of the news.

        Unless I'm Brock, then I can only see a few lines at a time

          Poor Brock. A small-eyed anime character living in a big-eyed anime characters world. No wonder he ended up killing himself.

    I find it weird because Daikoukai means foriegner as far as I know. Please correct me if I am wrong. So the art style should reflect that premise. Making it look like Anime makes it look less foreign.

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