Valve Reboots Official Website For Artifact, Its Hearthstone Killer

Image: Valve

This month, Valve will cast its hat into the ring of digital collectable card games with Artifact, co-developed with Magic: The Gathering maestro Richard Garfield. In the lead up to the launch, set for the 28th, Valve has rebooted Artifact's official website. Though it's not much to look at... yet.

Artifact Seems Like A Very Valve Card Game

There are two things in this world that Valve evidently loves more than anything: hands-off approaches and the invisible hand of the market. And wouldn't you know it: DOTA 2 card game Artifact is gonna have plenty of both.

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As alluded to in the opening paragraph, the official Artifact site is rather barren, with the only piece of meaty content a video and article from Garfield himself, talking about "heroes" — the game's strongest card type — and how getting one killed in the early game isn't so bad a thing.

I suppose it's an interesting video... if you know anything about how the game works. Otherwise, you'll probably come away rather confused (much as I did). I'm quite surprised there isn't a primer video or other introduction to the game on the site, given it's one of the first things players will hit leading up to the 28th.

That said, there's always the Steam page, and I'm sure it'll start to fill up with more interesting titbits in the coming days.

Valve Renames Artifact Card To Make It Not Sound Racist

Valve's card game Artifact is coming out in November. Recently, the Artifact Twitter account has been tweeting out designs for some of the cards alongside explanations of how they work. On September 27, that included a card called "Crack The Whip", the text of which begins "Modify a black hero... " Today the name of the card was changed.

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Artifact [Official site]


    This article would be WAY better if it was about how awesome Gwent is =P

    Shameful that valve is building yet another f2p lootbox-driven cash grab.

      Not ftp. Game costs $20 usd

        Absolutely. Every card will need to be purchased, making it the most exploitative fully digital pay to win game available to date.

    If you can only pay to buy decks, it's not a hearthstone killer

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